Help Identifying Plant Type from an Order?

Hi All,
I hope you all are doing well and staying safe! I ordered a 10+10 Auto White Widow CBD seed pack a while ago and was surprised when one of the plants turned light purple during flowering (about 2-3w into flowering I think). The rest of the 10 seeds I planted all look normal. Just curious if anyone is familiar with this by looking at the image and can help identify what plant it might be? No too worried, just hoping to get an idea of what it might be before trying it.

Its about the same size as the Auto WW CBD and flowered at the same time with no change in light. So safe to assume some autoflower, smaller plant.

All of the other plants:

The oddball purple one:

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Some plants are just more prone to purple cyanidins. Usually cold nights will bring this on in numerous varieties.
Identifying a strain by looks is all but impossible.
But its probably a White Widow if thats what you planted. You just got one that had a purple tendency.

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Interesting - I had no idea about this. Thanks for the info!

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No idea. I grew some WW CBD! It was easy and the stuff is VERY smooth. I’m an older guy and just started this. I don’t want or need 25 THC stuff. That’s for the pros. They look good. Congrats