Dose anybody remember red hair senceamilliam

more than once have i thought about germinating a few . but i want to see them at full size and maturity .and hope that the person who does this will store some seed for the future … my climate and GR cant due this … as a young’un i read a documentary about an extinct form of wheat found in a pyramid and due to good storage they managed to sprout it… so fast forward to now … iam 50 with a few health probs .no biggy . but what would happen to the things i saved . if i croak …they would simply be lost … the originals had to be superior in some ways i believe resistant to drought .high an low temps etc. when only flavor or color ,and high are the only things sought after we will loose the traits … Ask a potato farmer about russet’s dieses …the hybrids have a big prob with this … the original potato strains , had very little prob with this dieses …BUT THOSE BREEDS Are locked away in the national Seed Banks …one day this will happen to cannabis as well … it"s just human nature… is it a cake ,bisket ,pancake ,waffle cup cake brownie ??? once you put it all into ONE bowl and mix . YOU CANT UNmix it completely… over the years ive back bred plants just to see the differing G-nomes come out then select the ones i liked .for recombining …ok now iam getting to long winded hahah i tried to send MAC G an invite to this thread , thought he or she mite have an old school thought on this .


excellent topic. Red hair sens was very common in cali back in the 80"s… by then Colombian gold was pretty much non existent … I have seen Colombian Gold seeds on a couple sites recently though and have considered ordering…CG was the first weed I ever smoked back in 74… my sister bought a “four finger lid” for $10 from a local deputy,lol. times have changed… but I think cops still have the best shit.
technically… all of this stuff now is sansimilla right?? seedless?
I used to get “Purple haired skunk” from Humboldt several times a year back then…cannot seem to find any smoke like that anymore.

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We mostly got Acapulco Gold, Mexican Brown, or some form of that thru the 70s then about the time disco started we started seeing the California Sensi and Alaskan Thunderf$&k. The vets we’re bringing the Thai stick.

That sativa was so over ripe with seeds it was all sleep meds. No wonder we remember it so fondly. The Sensi and Thai were such a new and different buzz but it was $100 a gram.

We just dumped baggies full of seeds in the creeks and river at late runoff to try and get it growing wild everywhere. Johnny Potseed :tractor:


I’m trying to find my pictures that I have of a nice amount of California Red Hair back in 1978-9 in California. Those were some good days !

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@@Paranorman You are going back a minute there I grew up in the Clearwater beach area and my family were all commercial fisherman I was a third generation fisherman and trips to the Key to bring that back were a great supplemental income for Pops around Christmas by the time I got old enough to go with he had stopped going for the square grouper. But yes if memory serves me correctly gold bud and Panama red was some of the best buds I have ever had , just the flavor of the old time gold bud was great . And a very happy high . Back in the day we probably throw away a couple pounds of seeds and it makes me sick now that we had no knowledge of saving them they were just beans . Anyone else remember how shocked they were the first time they saw buds with no seeds ?


@Hammer get those puppies in the ground I don’t see how you can resist . I would be ecstatic to get my hand on some of that .I would be praying for a male and a female on the first grow to get a stock pile of those seeds making clones whatever it took . Ahhh I envy you man

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@Oldstoner . I hear you .LOL. but iam a kid in a candy store …in my private bank i have 32 -strains now to play with …and soon ill add more , ILGM and AMS both have a couple more i want badly .then ill run the few i buy thru once then ill decide which 2 strains ill run with, for 4 complete grows . that way ill have them dialed in perfectly … then ill find something else that tickles my fancy .And Do it again ., i am addicted to growing .:sunglasses: Hammer .


In 1984, a friend of ours grew the red-hair indica up in Humboldt County. She didn’t pull all of the males so the bud was filled with seed at harvest. Still it was outrageous weed and I saved a film canister of the seed in our freezer. I stopped growing bud when we bought a home since the forfeiture laws are so severe, but now it’s legal in Oregon to grow 4 plants, so I picked up on my old hobby. The seed germinated fine and the first year I just grew a few small plants for seed. This year, I got some great results that clearly show why it was called red-hair sinsemilla.


That’s some gorgeous buds right there!! :sunglasses:

I remember best weed i have ever smoked.I’m 58 now.I paid 90 a quarter then.Nothing compares always have remembered that stuff

Once in a great while someone could get ahold of some “redbud” around here but us common folk couldn’t afford the good stuff and were stuck with Mexican sativa seed weed.

My two cents on this topic, when I was in college in the late 60’s to early 70’s (graduated in '72) we would occasionally get redbud Colombian, This was the best shi* to me, almost psychedelic,
Those were the days my friend

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Old thread I know it…but have to comment, yes the Mexican Red Hair was the best ever smoke back in the 80’s, now you see it for sale as Red Hair Skunk from the 80’s, yup that’s how it’s worded online…lol…so you wonder, is it the OG Red Hair of Southern California? Or just sales tactics? Sigh…

I’d guess sales tactics :frowning: I think the old time weed has been hybrid outta existence. Unless one saved a film container of seeds like @barkindoggie. I’ve been on a search for old time skunk for what seems forever.
What I’d give for one of those seeds that just rolled down the album jacket now :disappointed:


Kinda figured… and the closest one I found so far was marketed as Mexican Red Hair Auto LMFAO… yeah, they had autos back then… right. I found this vid, let me know what you guys think of the list. Top 5 Ancient Weed Stains…

Wow i wish you could send me a couple seeds if you still have some that looks delicious and i remeber 1987 fondly with the red hared sense and jt would make my day and im also a caregiver so it would make my client’s day too lol

I recall a bush strain we used to grow over 30 years ago, that would fit the description It was called COO De Gra (the death blow), buds were covered in reddish brown hairs, and it was also a short bushy type, which was desirable, so they didn’t grow above the surrounding vegetation.

I Remember Red Haired Sensei In High School, my head friends would get excited when we could find it , I remember between 3 people we never could finish smoking a whole joint, it was a trippy high, like you lost track of time and space for awhile, you could feel yourself comeing down, I felt like I had taken a long road trip or something, I haven’t seen any in years but yet to find anything close too that type of High

You are 100% correct. It’s by far the most controversial statement that I ever hear is when somebody said I have the strand called Sensimilla or Thai Stick.

When neither one of them have anything to do with any strand as there is no strand with those names.

Sensimilla is simply a translation for without seeds

Thai Stick is the Process of putting buds through a skewer wrapping them with fan leaves sealing them with resin and aging them for years. It could be done with any type of weed it’s the process of a “thai stick”


Hey @tlkbear were the same age then. I started dealin back then. The weed was so good and tasty, way better than anything I smoked since then. Thai stick, panama red, red and gold columbian, jamaican and a shit ton of mexican weed and damn cheap. I bought a 1/4 pound of red columbian in Fl in the early 70’s. Brought in back home in Pa on the plane in a small carry on bag on the plane and it was under my seat. The whole plane had to smell it. Man, those were the days my friend.
Best of luck on your grows and keep on keepin on. :+1: :sunglasses: