Dose anybody remember red hair senceamilliam

We smoked red hair sensamilla,pine sensamilla, skunk, and Colombian Bo in the early 80’S and all was good. But I smoked California kush in California 2009, that was the best I’ve smoked no seeds, my fingers were brown and sticky from crumbling weed with My fingers to smoke one. Lol no choking just smooth 1 blunt last me and my brother 3 days


I still think of it. Beautiful buds, bright red hairs, smooth light smoking, creep up on ya and make you fall off your chair. Used to be able to get gallon zipper bags stuffed like a pillow from a really good friend. I used to use a reproduction old colonial clay tavern pipe, the bowl was bud shaped. All the new stuff I’ve been able to try is nasty by comparison … well, the new Diamonds are the most similar i suppose. My friend got his from a grower in Hawaii, just another way that the old days were WAY better