Does the color of the hash matter

i did my first bubble hash. i thought i did well. my husband mentioned all of his hash that he smoked was brown. mine turned out green. does it matter what color it comes out as? or does it turn brown when it dries? sorry but i have another question. has anyone filter the hash water through a coffee filter? i heard that you can i was wondering if anyone has done it? thank you everone for your support i learn so much from you.

The more green the more plant material, however i have only done this with dry ice @Screwauger when you make bubble hash with ice water does it come out green until it dries

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@Sirsmokes thankyou i used ice water for my hash. i will keep an eye on it. thank you i thought i messed up.

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Do a YouTube search for bubble hash with dry ice. You will never go back to ice.

As you shake the kief (dry ice method) onto a sheet of glass, you can see the color change from pale (more pure) honey to gradually more and more green as plant material gets broken down. Using this method you only use 1 screen.

Slightly @Sirsmokes or I should say some screens catch a more greenish tint and others more sandy colored. But I have certainly seen both colors darken as they dry with no green color upon drying.

That said, I made a ton of ice water hash from my last BBA and all of it came out black, gooey (even now 2 months later) and tastes terrible. Like a chemically harsh taste. Not sure why I am holding onto it I will never smoke it cause I’m a snob now!! lol

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@Screwauger thankyou. i heard you can take the left over hash water. filter it through a coffee filter. have you done it? if so was it worth it? again thank you

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I personally like both types of hash (dry rub or ice water) as well as all things thc but there is definitely a diff between dry ice and ice water results. I prefer ice water hash at this stage of my experience. I like the way you get different grades, your ability to clean it with ice water, the taste and most def the bubble!!

If most comes out green it’s likely a result of over agitation. Instinct is to mix that ch*t and yes, you need to but if the temp is right (cold enough) the trichs separate regardless of the beating you give the batch and more moderate mixing might reduce the green.

What micron bags did you use/catch the bulk of the trichs in? Do you recall (120, 90 etc)? generally the first two or sometimes three will have greener results as they let more plant material through. Many use this for edibles. Did you mix all of the grades together? I don’t do that I keep them sep. so that mught be why I don’t have green so much as I generally toss the first couple screens. @jimlisa2

In Pakistani/Afghani hash factories they add food colouring / shoe polish all manner of gunk to get the right colour…if it gets you high then you have done it right, the ash of the hash should be as close to white as possible…Boom Shankar !


, these are the bags i am using 25 to 220 micron. i think i might have over mixed it. i was beating it as if it was pancake batter. i froze my material . i followed the directions i did all the bags together. all 4 in one.

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I have a five bag set like that for 5 gallon pails. In your pic I can’t see which bags are there between 220 and 25.

The set I bought has Micron Sizes : 220,160,120,73 and 25. Most of my smokable hash comes from 73 and 25. Sometimes a small batch from 120. Whatever is in the 160 is usually crap and can be used for many things but not generally smoking.

You’ll dial your methods in but try keeping them separate and sample the different grades!!

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Only if you are selling it. It all works the same :wink: I think the ‘blonde’ or almost zero-veg hash would bring the best price. and it does change color some as it dries and cures.

Different flavor profiles if you are a connoisseur, but I consider myself more of a common-sewer :rofl: I love it all!

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Sorry, just saw the second question - Couldn’t hurt. I’m sure some goodies that break up must get through the screens. I would look at what you get from it with a loupe first just to see what’s there.

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Happy birthday @Whodat66!


Thanks! Been high all day on an early snip from my harvest :wink:


@Screwauger i will try to keep them seperate. i am using it to make vape juice. hopefully once nh legalizes it i will have a lot more material.

I have not done that and had not heard that. Using 5 gallon pails and lots of material, I likely wouldn’t bother but I did water my outdoor pot plants with it!!