Does anyone know what these are

Got these magical bottles any one know what they could be

Advance nutrients

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In the little bottles ??? My bud room stinks extra good tonight like the lights cooking them lol

So I use it for flower and veg the moment I think I know everything I go back to back line

Can you ask whoever you got them from? It could be a lot of things

No I got in off a third party purchase amazon

I wouldn’t use them if that’s the case.

Ok I red the paper it’s for rooting I guess but I use what I have no point of changing my routine anyway I’m sorry if I’m a pest to all the ilgm ppl sorry if I offended anyone in anyway

What paper? You’re not a pest but it’s nearly impossible for us to know what’s in a couple of aftermarket bottles with handwritten identification. For all we know that could be a pesticide or something.

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There’s this paper says qg nutrient that’s it it came with the bubbler. Ture who’s knows what in there

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