Do trichomes have to be amber

I think they are cloudy or is it wishful thinking, autoplants in 5th week of flowering.

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Lots of clear, but to be expected at the 5th week. You have 4 to 5 weeks to go yet.


How sad, i thought Autos meant sooner


Not really. Most cannabis plants, both photos and autos, become sexually mature at some point between 4 and 7 weeks. Either type of plant is capable of flowering upon sexual maturity. The only difference between autos and photos is that there must be less that ~14 hours of light per day to flower a photo. The majority of growers go to a 12/12 light cycle to flower a photo.

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Make sure you are looking at the buds not the sugar leaves as the leaves change more quickly!

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And some of us only grow 12/12 start to finish. With no pH or PPM’s checked either. Just let Mother Nature grow them as they should be. But this grow cycle I need to do some training. Still not using any nutrients but I may have to as this is the 3rd grow cycle with this soil mixture of FFOF and FFHF.

@mzzdecember You don’t need amber but you will get some. Its just a little couch lock if you experience it. I have only experienced it one time out of 300+ strains I have smoked. :joy:

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I have mine on 18 hours of light. I stopped with the nutrients and begun flushing because I thought I was EXTREMLY close to harvest. Silly me, I thought when it said 9 weeks from seed to harvest, that is what it meant. I have been testing the buds from the lower bottom as they were the smallest. Should I be checking as a whole and what if only part of it is ready, do I cut only half …So many questions


Welcome to the community ! you still have several weeks to finish plant. The Breeder’s guide is just an estimated time. Most autos take 12 to 16 weeks to finish. Good luck finishing up.

If you want the strongest weed, yes, trichomes MUST be amber.

I was under the impression you loose thc when it becomes amber but gain a higher yield. .

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That was not my experience, but I’ve read and been told amber trichomes produce the best indica couch lock.

Last question, should I start back with nutrients, I was using fox farm?

How far into the grow are you? As another said, I think you have four to five weeks left in your cycle.

I thought 5 weeks into flowering but now looking at my calendar I am in 6 weeks