Do trichomes change fairly evenly throughout most of the plant at/around the same time?

Obviously, this is my first grow. My plant is a White Widow Auto, and I didn’t do any training or pruning. The pistils have been turning orange, with the larger concentration being on the top bud, and they are less and less orange-y down the plant.

So, how do the trichomes change throughout the plant? Is it similar to how I mentioned regarding the pistils, i.e. should they be more cloudy (to amber) starting from the top bud? Or should the trichomes change evenly throughout the plant at/around the same time?

I took another look at my plant’s trichomes today, and it does “seem” that some of the top bud’s trichomes are a bit cloudy, and some even appear to have a slight light orange hue. I tried to check if that was due to any orange pistils casting a hue over the trichomes. Not sure. The trichomes on the mid-to-lower part of the plant are fairly clear.


They do change at different times due to less light on the lower branchs. If you do trianing on your plant you can get them to come in around the same time. When you do harvest at different times its a good idea to label an keep them separate cuz they could be different in the tricomes & you can learn from that too. Every time you’ll get something from a grow.


pillsbury, thanks, and that leads to another question I have:

Will it hurt the plant to harvest different buds at different times?

Also, I’d actually like to try a bud or two with a late harvest. So, then maybe in that case I can keep the top bud(s) on the entire time and separate and note them post-harvest, as you suggested, since they will be more mature/more couch-locky.

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No it won’t hurt it, you can try the buds but they may be kinda rough on the throat as they haven’t been cured yet ( which I highly recomend). The chlorophyll is what causes the roughness & it dissapates in the cure leaving a smooth smoke. The only drawback to curing is after all that time waiting for the plant to produce now you have to wait another several weeks to cure


That’s the whole reason we wait for 10-20% amber is to allow the clear trichs to ripen up so there is more overall thc but really it’s to much of a hassle to do it bud by bud if the majority of the plant is ready


It’s well worth the wait and cure your bud.
You’ve taken the time to grow your babies making sure they got what they needed. A couple more weeks before smoking any is worth it. Every time I burped my jars I’d stick my nose in there and take a deep breath. The scents that develops just makes it much more satisfying the day you get to smoke it. I’m sure everyone agrees. Why rush a good thing.


Not to BUD in on the conversation but this is what I used to dry my stuff.

3 days and its all dry. No need for curing i guess