Do these look ready to harvest

Hey group. This is a collection of five strawberry cough plants growing in the same tent. Some look different than others in terms of bud size, leaf shape, color, etc. however they are all on the same time cycle. Could someone a little more experienced than me check out my trichome pictures and give me an idea where I stand in terms of harvesting? I switched to 12/12 on 3/25 and it says 9 weeks for flower on these. But some look ready now to me.should I start flushing? Is it normal for some to develop a lot quicker than the others?

U have a few weeks to go. Once more of the pistils are orange,brown or red. Then chexk trichs. Not on leaves nust buds

They are close tho

Agree with GhostGrow, you have some time to go. Looking good. You do not want to hurry your chop. We all get impatient when it gets close. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

So should I keep giving them nutes or start a few weeks of flushing? Some of them do not look very big like they still have room to grow.

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Id still continue with feeding for atleast another week just make sure you’re checking each plant for trics all phenos will run a little different so don’t base your decision off of 1 or 2 plants keep patient and ita pay off

I so not see any reason to stop feeding now. I have read where some growers feed up till chopping time. That is what you can choose to do or flush. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Thanks everyone. I try to look at the trichomes and everytime I get a picture people say I’m looking at the wrong thing. Could someone please help me understand what I am supposed to be looking at?

I am on Week 10 rightnow and these are autoflowers, Northern Lights, and CBD Cirtical Mass. How much longer before harvest?

you still have a few weeks most likely, pistils are still white (need to be red/amber). Then check the trichomes to see if they are cloudy with amber mixed in there. There’s tons of pics floating around if you need a visual reference. I think the general rule is 70% red pistils.