Do more leaves grow in the flowering stage?

I’m in the start of the 3rd week of flowering with a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto. The plant more than doubled in size over the past two weeks and is now 24" wide and 28" tall. For the past 3 or 4 days it hasn’t grown any taller and the leaves at the very top are staying small. Is all the energy going into growing the buds now?

If I were to remove a few leaves that have phosphorous deficiency and are more than 50% brown or if I remove some of the large fan leaves will that hurt the bud growth?

I am also wondering if I remove any leaves will new growth start on that stem. I assume that would be bad as that would take energy away from bud production?

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I think it would be okay to remove the deficient leaves. There a lots of people that grab a leaf or two.


I defol unwanted leaves at this point, wont hurt a thing. I do a pretty decent defol at about week 5 of veg.

I trim again in week 3 or 4 of flower. That one i reeeealy trim. But i know these genetica. I have grown these plants many times. Here is a before and after.

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Oh, and yes they come back just fine, this is 16 days later. On a side note a ac unit fell on it and crushed it completely the day after the trim pics. This is her now


Good save!
To the OP, artificial light doesn’t have great penetration like the Sun, outdoor plants can benefit from increased penetration and better air flow, whereas indoor plants tend to do better ( depending on grow style ) with strategic thinning. You may want to remove lower bud sites that wont make much dope anyway? Lower leaves that are always in the shade etc.


I removed two of the deficient leaves along with some of the really low leaves and two big sets of fan leaves that were just in the way. Overall probably about a dozen leaves.

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I’m not sure if I want to remove any of the lower bud sites but I did remove about a dozen leaves that were either deficient or at the bottom of the plant and in the way while watering.

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are they transitioning to bloom?

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Usually takes about a week to see signs of transition. The new growth will yellow slightly as the plant starts to stretch and it will then explode upward. Soon after youll start seeing little white hairs at bud sites. That takes 1 to 2 weeks then its pretty obvious.

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you will get mini buds everywhere! Its a week or more away from captain obvious!


Should I start increasing the bloom nutrients

Do you see buds? Are the plants healthy? Once bud production is obvious its time to gently up the dose!

I think so it’s lighter in color

no it should be obvious like

Little buds like that but smaller see the white hairs will be in a tight cluster, not leaves but loads of white hairs


About 3 weeks ago you should started flowering nutrients. Wouldn’t hurt to start now.

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