Auto grow/ defoliation?

Hello fam!
I am growing these autos and these ladies started growing very fast.
They are on their 25th day.
The plants started growing very big fan leaves and are relatively short.
LST doesnt work also because the pots are a bit big and i cant bend them without many leaves being bent and touching the grow tent.
I feel i should cut some leaves for better light penetration, but the thing I wanted to know is which leaves should I cut down first. The ones that are not letting the light penetrate and making space problems are the major fan leaves that have very thick branches and I’m afraid to stress the plant.

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Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi can we see a pic from the side and see howmuch is under the canopy

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Here you go, mate


Right on nice plants. I dont want to steer you wrong, Id go for a lolipop shape now but I’d like to hear what others would do too


I would take enough off to improve airflow within the plant. Airflow is important for a continuous flow of CO2 for photosynthesis and also to prevent mold and mildew.

I wouldn’t worry so much about light penetration. Plants will use what they have exposed to light, conduct photosynthesis, and then shuttle those sugars where the plant needs then via the stem system.


I defoliated a lot of lower leaves and sites for more more energy to the top of the plant and for light penetration as well as air flow.

I’m on day 35, one week into preflower


Yeah I definitely would do that now, it draws more energy to the top of the plant

I would maybe try to pull the top to the side and every branch that has a bud site on it try to pin that down. You might pop a couple fan leaves off but not too much.

Hell you could FIM those plants as well. Double them sites!

Scratch the FIM. You’re too far along in flower to be popping them off.

I would just LST if it were me from here on out. Defoliate in a couple weeks again. I only defoliate if fan leaves are blocking major bud sites. Or if you notice some like moisture and rub marks from one leaf onto another.

Like week 3 and 6 I would say of flower I’ll defoliate if it needs it.

The goal is to keep your canopy as even as possible. Keep tying her down. You got this bro. Looking great. Keep doing what you’re doing

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Does this make sense for tie downs?

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Yeah it definitely does thanks

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