Growing atoflowers

I am growing auto flower they are six weeks old should I trim an defoliate leaves

Don’t defoliate for the sake of defoliation. It should accomplish 2 things. Improved air flow and improved light penetration.

Many auto growers just let them do their thing without training since autos are unpredictable and don’t tend to grow into dense plants where airflow or light penetration are issues.


My plants are very tall bushy i have 8 in a 4x4 tent

Consider doing some LST first. See what you can tuck out of the way via pipe cleaners or something similar.

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Nice-looking crop, 8 plants in a 4x4 space it’s only going to get tighter. In your case you might need to take a few leafs to create better airflow and light penetration. Make sure keep a good airflow couple circulating fans going 24/7. I would start by cleaning up good around the top of the pot any foliage not getting a lot of light at the bottom of plant. Good luck my friend.


What @MidwestGuy said. I let my Autos do their thing. No Auto looks like my small Photo plants. :+1::+1::+1:

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I agree with kellydans. Only a second year grower but you have a lot of foliage down low that is getting very little light. 8 plants in a 4x4 is a lot. I don’t defoliate a lot at once, just do some every few days. When those buds start packing on some weight you are going to want good air movement. Some good you tubes on defoliation out there. I watched several by bill ward and I don’t think he goes overboard. I try to keep leaves from laying on leaves as I have seen water droplets on the bottom leaf when this happens. I also get rid of the small buds that are way down inside the plant and will never amount to much and are just wasting energy. This is a pic from about a month ago with plant at about the same stage as yours. It has been LST’d but will still give you an idea of the density. Since this pic I have continued to remove some of those big fan leaves you see down inside. Maybe @FixerPower will see your pic now and see what he thinks.
DSC04260 .