Second grow with Girl Scout Cookies Auto, question about defoliation and slowing growth

Earthbox with Soil from buildabloom
75f 55% humidity, 18/6 cycle
spiderfarmer sf2000 led light

Hey, i got one of my two plants that seems just as healthy as the other in the same earthbox that kinda sorta has maybe a problem. Its growing a lot of vegetation but is also growing very compact so there is no room for the growth to go. Its trying to throw more branches out but is getting blocked by big fan leaves, and starting to curl the leaves of the new growth due to no room.

My question/advice seeking, is if i defoliate some of the fan leaves to make room for the new branches will it considerable stunt the growth of an auto, more than just letting it do its own thing wail assisting it by moving the leaves when possible.

Here is some pics of my situation and i can provide more info if needed.

PS-my phone is making the plants look more yellow than they actually are, only visible problem is very small yellowing on the tips of some of the newer fan leaves.

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Ok are u doin any lst training cause that will open up the plant ro allow more light into the canopy and yes u can take a few fan leaves off but dont go to crazy only take the leaves that are blocking future bud sites

Ur plants look good how long has been since u have top dressed ur earth box

Hey, and thats all i was thinking about doin just enough to get them room. i top dressed on the 4th and acording to buildasoil thats all i should have to do, top dress wise. with craftblend, kashi, and build a bloom

Yah the build a soil people are great they know what there doin this is my wwa


nice looks like it turned out great

If you can take and pin the sides down, I use landscaping pins until they branches reach the outside of the pot then I use soft ties. That’ll open the center up, I would bend the top main over as well so your not left with 1 main cola growing from the top :love_you_gesture:


Nice haul Tezza :love_you_gesture:

Yah man it did my best one so far im definitely getting more then 5.5 ozs i think I’m looking at about 8-9 oz i reckon

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I will be looking at doin something differently next grow

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Likewise, I like experimenting with techniques on autos, thinking of just bend and LST on this new run. Will be a 1st for me without any HST. Nice job again on the harvest :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks man have u tried these lst clips

I just brought UVA lights for my tent

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I bought some but chose to stay with J shaped landscaping pins. They’re about 10” long with a loop/hook . Interested on how that UV works out. :love_you_gesture: