Do I need nutrients when using Fox Farm Happy Frog with autoflowers seedlings?

Hello friends,

I am going to germinate my autoflower seeds this weekend. My plan is to soak the seeds and then transplant the seedlings to 1/2 gallon containers of Fox Farm Happy Frog. After 3 weeks I will transplant to 5 gallon grow bags. My question is do I need to use nutrients with Fox Farm Happy Frog for the first 3 weeks? Or do I only begin nutients once I transplant to the 5 gallon containers? Any particular nutrients brand recommendations? I’m in the North East.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a great grow season!

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You won’t need to apply nutrients for ~4 weeks from your last transplant when using HF. Get a PPM meter, monitor runoff PPM, and then begin feeding when runoff PPM dips below ~1,000 for the first time.

Jack’s 321.


I second Jacks, it’s the same recipe from seed to harvest, that’s what makes it easy. It works well.


Wow, thank you both so much! I’ll get the Jack’s 321 and the PPM meter. Thanks for the speedy response.


You’ll need Epsom salt too for magnesium. It’s widely available at drug stores or the grocery. Be sure to get pure Epsom, as many brands add fragrances and whatnot. The only thing that should be on the ingredients list is magnesium sulfate.

There are a lot of Jack’s products out the. All you need is Part A and Part B (plus Epsom.)

I use the Apera PC60. It measures both pH and PPM. There are less expensive options out there, but the Apera is nice because is it very accurate and holds its calibration well.


So happy frog and ocean forest have a lot of nutrients in them so keep an eye on what the excess water ppm are to know when you need to feed the soil/plants.

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Definitely get a ppm pen and after 10 days start checking it. I transplanted into happy frog 16 days ago and should have started feeding nutes 3-4 days ago. You can look at my post from last night for reference. I never checked anything cause I’ve heard so many people say the four week thing about happy frog

Try not to over water, you don’t want runoff when in soil or your washing nutrients away. When your feeding salt based nutrients you want runoff.

Otherwise great advice above, Jack’s with magnesium sulfate and calcium nitrate (3 part nutrient but Jack’s part A is the only proprietary blend you need to buy off them if you can find the others locally) Apera pc60 is also great.