Do clones need nutrients right away? And more dumb questions!

Do you wait 6 weeks before applying nutrients to clones since they’re in new organic soil with casings, etc in it? Also want to know the best way of storing your PH meter and TDS meter. Do you just store dry with the caps on or in solution. One more question about continued high PH run offs, one of the plants constantly has 6.9 - 7. run offs. Today I watered it with a PH going in at 5.5 and it still came out 7.0? Is this a big deal?

Yes you want to wait until cloves have well developed roots before feeding. Most ph meters have a solution to store them in and the high runoff could be because of what’s in the medium

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Thank you, was just ready to post this someplace else.

You’re welcome was busy catching up noticed you didnt have a reply :slight_smile:

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