Applying Nutrition

Green Horn question? Plants look great since I transplanted them, never missed a beat. My question is, I mix my nutrients in the water as directed, just wondering if they are getting enough nutrients with how sparingly the plants get watered?

They will get enough nutrients. Depending on the complexity of the soil your going to feed every other time or so anyway. The nutrients are in the soil after you water. Your plant is going to continue to feed of those nutrients as the soil dries out for next watering. Unless you just had water continuously running through your medium washing everything away. Then your nutrients arents going anywhere there in the soil.

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Thanks for the info, i’ve Been following the mixing and watering instructions. Prolly just needed reassurance.

Best way to know what your plants are using is to test the ppm of your runoff


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Hope this helps some…


Lol thanks for the hope, I did marry a masters degree. And I’m a union millwright so thinks in our lives work pretty smooth. Just first time growing but hey man/women? Thanks any way

When I first started I got that exact answer and jacked my plants up. Essentially in order to get enough runoff for a ph tester to read 3 days a week is drowning a plant imo. That’s the day that soil became too much of a pain and I went hydro

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Let me know when you need more reassurances…

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Man your the best, chest all puffed out. Strutting around my yard lmao. Best wishes and positive vibes sent to you.