Using Emerald harvest nutrients

Anyone on here using emerald harvest nutrients and could give me some feedback. I transplanted to 3 gallon pots in happy frog about 2 weeks ago. I just did a light water with grow part A&B and emerald godess should I hold off or they ok? I’m not seeing any distress but I just fed them this morning first time growing so just overly thinking everything hahhahaa


If they have a published grow schedule it would be wise to follow it. If you don’t already, you should have a good digital PH and TDS meter to feed and water properly.

Someone should see this and help too. That’s a popular line.

I am going off what it says but I have had a few people tell me not to use nutrients so much when using happy frog soil but than again I have read it’s ok so I’m all confused lol

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Less is more. It’s far easier to up the nutrient load than it is to recover from an excess.

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Very well put I am gonna water, water, feed but gonna do like 1/4 strength nuets. At the point now gotta decide if I’m gonna fem or top so many options lol my mind is all over the place

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I always FIM but half of the time it ends up being topped instead haha.