Need help with a couple grow and nutrients questions please y’all

Hi everyone, so I have a couple questions, firstly I’m confused on nutrients, the adding to water part that is, can you just pour your new nutrients into your RDWC res after taking out the dirty water and adding in fresh water? I know some people use a separate res but I don’t know if you have to which is why I ask. Also, when adding nutrients, say I’m in the flowering stage, and I have a few different nutrients I want to use in my flowing stage after I’ve just put in a new batch of water to my RDWC, would I have to juggle through my different selected nutrients and leave out some to keep my PPM in check? Say if I added in what I wanted, and I have one more type of nutrient that I want to add, but my ppm is already ideal, would I just leave what else I have left to put in out? I’m a bit confused over this and it’s the only thing holding me back at this point in time. Some help with these questions would mean a great deal. Thanks everyone and I look forward to hearing from you and getting some more knowledge over this topic.



My understanding is, having a targeted ppm means no matter what You add to your system, try not to go over that. So, if I have a targeted ppm goal of 500 then I add 1,2, or 10 different products, my goal is still 500 ppm’s. So, I may have to cut the amount to equal 500 ppm. I would wait and see what they have to say about the matter.

Okay man, thanks for weighing in it helps a lot :sunglasses::+1::v:

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Well not really… @HappyHydroGrower
You want a balanced nutrient solution for the stage of growth that you are in , but your ph will also allow your plants to take up certain nutrients at that exact moment…
Key is knowing how much npk at what stage of growth and be able to keep your ph right where it needs to be to be able to eat the most of whatever nutrients you are feeding it during that stage of growth…


What he said :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: Thats why I call in the big guns.


Okay awesome, do you have any tips on how to find or figure out the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium leaves for different stages. Also are you referring to nutrients that specifically target npk? I’m new to all this still so I just want to be sure I don’t bomb my future grow :grin: I really appreciated the help :crossed_fingers:

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Well , what nutrients do you plan on using…?
How do you plan to grow…
Ebb & flow…
Living soil…
Super soil…
Lots of choices…
You have to pick one and shoot for the star’s… :grin:
That will determine what nutrients you should use if any… :+1::wink:



I plan on using: house and garden nutrients, in RDWC


As you can see I do have quite a few different types of nutrients I want to use, which is why I can’t work out how I will be able to use them all and have all my plants get the right amounts of everything that they need to absorb. Thanks again peachfuzz for your help, I hope you can shed some more light over this for me so I can get a bit more of an idea now that you know my nutrients line :sunglasses::crossed_fingers::v:

Ps, I’m pretty sure on nutrients bottles it will state when to use the the certain nutrients product in different growth phases on the bottle would I be correct? Thanks again :grin::100:


I’m not sure how they do it with your nutrient company. But the stuff I use it has some dosage information on the bottle. Then there is a separate feed schedule posted on their website. I am using the website schedule to break down my mixture in parts. Like if it calls for 2 parts x 2 parts y and one part z. Then I just insert my own number values while keeping with their parts “recipe” to keep the ppm where I want it.


     Can I get a little input into what’s going on here I don’t use any nutrients just ph water on this plant For all stages of growth now I have yellow tips an a few leaves have dark spots like three of them.

Hard to tell in that light…
But it looks like your plant might be a dark green which usually means that there is too much nitrogen …
But it looks like your soil might be a little hot , that’s why the tips are starting to burn a little…

I’ve never used those nutrients before , but I’ve heard good things about them…
They should have a feed schedule for what stage of growth that you are in on there website… :+1::wink:

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Okay awesome, thanks guys for the help it goes a long way :sunglasses::sunglasses::v:

Find the feed chart online for the nutrients your using. You can input the amount of water your using and it should work out how much of each nutrient to add and at each stage. Just remember to use less that suggested and slowly increase. That way you should avoid nutrient burn. Best of luck bud

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Planted Maui Wowie (fem) sprout 3 months ago. Plant is now 24" tall. Is that normal, and if not, do I need to go to “forced flower” or wait a bit longer?

If it’s not an auto than flip to 12/12 light schedule to make it flower… :+1::grin:

Thanks for the info!