Can someone explain PPMs and feeding schedules to me a little better

Im starting to get an understanding of the basics of hydroponics but i feel like i dont understand PPMs and nutrients very good. I understand that PPMs show how much nutrients used. How can you tell when to add more nutrients? When water levels drop i add more water but should i be adding nutrients also each time? Im still very new to hydroponic growing so any advice on my current setup would be great. Im thinking of making a 4 bucket stirponics setup has anyone heard much about stirponics?

  • What strain, Star Killer and blueberry
  • Method: DWC
  • Vessels: 5 gallon with 6in net pots
  • PH of water. 6.0
  • Indoor or Outdoor. Indoor
  • Light system. 1200w led king 1000 HPS
  • Temps; 78 to 88. Depending on AC running
  • Humidity; no reading but I assume a little humid cause its in bathroom
  • Ventilation system; 4in intake from outside 8in exhaust
  • AC, Central AC with vent by grow space
  • Co2; fermentation yeast and sugar

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 Can we please get this person hooked up with a good hydro grower? I can’t think of one at the moment.


DWC? No rez? What is water temp? How far below net pot is liquid? What TDS of what nutrient line are you running? What meters are you using and when did you calibrate last?

Auto or photoperiod? How old? How about pictures?

Happy to help: need more info.


ok so its 5 gallon buckets Deep water cultivation. I usually fill to right at the bottom of the net pot. I use the yellow stick type P.H. meter and the white stick type PPM. Ive not paid much attention to the water temps. ive heard they need to be lower if you have rooting issues like rot but i havent had any issues with that. these are photo period at the end of the first month of 12/12. ive been using the 3 part general hydro brand nutrients ive used the powders to calibrate the meter. Ive got a basic understanding of things but not sure how to know when to add more nutrients and not sure what my PPMs should be at. I know the 2 things are related


Im also concerned about water temp. mine seems to be staying under 80f and i havent had any issue with root rot. Should i be worrying about bringing the water temps down more even if im not having problems. I read of members using frozen 2 liters and such but the idea of “if it aint broke dont fix it” comes to mind here


If you are supplying enough oxygen to the water you will likely avoid root rot. However, 80F is too warm for the root zone and does invite potential issues. If you aren’t having any problems I wouldn’t bother worrying about it. In my case with a 5ga bucket if I put it directly on my basement floor the floor will keep it cool to around 72F.

I have a post around here explaining how I approach PPMs and water during the course of the grow. I have a conference call right now but will try to find it and link it after I’m done.

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Here’s the link to how I generally handle adding nutrients and water to my reservoir.

I change my nutrient water every 10 days. In between the reservoir changes I top up with RO water. I keep reservoir PH at 5.8. The PPM decreases as plants feed over the 10 days.

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Watching, any updates?