DLI excess or normal droppy leaves?

Perfect!!! Yesterday I changed the high of led painel, it was too close, arround 53 DLi, It seems she loved, theres a mag/nit deficiency that Im already handleing, and Im wondering to skip 1 more day between waterings.Ty for advice mam, its really hot here, ill try to ajust the VPD better for the plant stage with the exaust/fan👊🏻.

Unfournately, the small fan seems to be too strong for thos small tent, maybe i gonna up it a little, but when its in the top of the tent, it blow some hot air and temps get high tho…

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What light are you using?
Does it have a dimmer?

The manufacturer should provide a recommended height above canopy.

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Hey mano, its a Quantum board 135 wats real, full spectrumm IR 660nm etc. Let me ask u something, worth it lose some ppfd to gain vpd? I mean, the led have dimmer, so I can slow potency and temperature as well, bit i gonna lose 10 DLi, arround 25, look the setup, i made the final defoliation right now, and I fed it also.

Too hot :(, i guess the nit and mag helped, its a better green look than 1 week before. Any suggestion?


I’d set the light at the height recommended by the manufacturer… Mine is 28-31 inches above canopy.

Then using the dimmer and either a quantum sensor/meter… Available on Amazon… Or use the Photone app… Set your DLI at that height measuring at canopy level. About dli of 40.

As far as temps and humidity… You shouldn’t have too… If the vent tubes are large enough and you’ve got a decent exhaust… Also having a lower vent open for some intake of fresh air.

What’s the temps of the room the tents in?
What size type of exhaust?

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I set to 18 inches now, and the rooms temp arround 80 during afternoon :facepunch:t2:

An ac would be great, but too expensive atm :stuck_out_tongue:


Exaust is sicflux mini turbo, 181 cfm i think, tent pretty small tho.

150mm in
100mm exaust out

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Increasing the exhaust size could help. Output could be larger.

I use a 6" input and output…

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Exhausting from top of tent.
Static air flow from bottom of tent. (INTAKE).
Gentle tower fan or oscillating fan on plant.
My grow tent is set this way.

VPD calculated with leaf temp minus ambient air temp.
Leaf temp measured with IR-gun.
Ambient temp measured with Cloudline Controller probe.
Cloudline (AC-Infinity controllers) software has VPD displayed and allows software updated with required offset inputs. Often mathematical result is negative. Positive leaf minus ambient indicates very hot leaves, and stress may happen.

Lighting without temperature increasing is the problem experienced in tents.
Made worse when using cheap china lights.


Dehumidifier in HASHA (second tent inside lung room feeding grow tent

Summer afternoon, too hot for everything.
More T6 exhaust to outside (attic).
Static intake to lung room (garage windows).

T6 setting #2 about 140CFM

Can’t do Air-Conditioner, yet (-$$)
Winter grows heated with China Lights.


Hey guys,

Here Im again with some updates for those who helped me ^^’

Its cold overhere, arround 67F and makes VPD get better, plant looks better but some brown spots in the leaves, Im not sure CAL deficiency or Septoria, is this something should I worry about?

To be honest, its one of my best autos run so far, instead of the first run when I knew nothing and got 77g dry herbs ( I dunno how lol)

Im going to have a trip in 25 days and I would love to have it curing in this short time.

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Looks like that’s the only leaf and if so I wouldn’t worry about it. Looks like it could be splash burn from top feeding. Hate to say it but they won’t be ready in 25 days Growmie. Looks like 6 or more weeks to harvest :love_you_gesture:

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Hey u!

Thanks for the mesage, yeah, harsh to know but I agreee, 25 days…no way :frowning:

And the brown spots iant too big and only few leaves.

Ill try to ask a friend to help me the lasts weeks! Cya bro :facepunch:t2:

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