DLI excess or normal droppy leaves?

Hey guys, how u doing?

I´ve a question about excess DLI, can it cause droppy leaves?

I noticed some hard droppy leaves 2 hours before dark períod and
I´m afraid it can slow down buds development.

It was near 50 DLI 800 PPFD and I decided to slow donwn the PPFD/DLI.

Its an auto 18/6 cycle, Mescaline Strain from Needseeds Co. Its an F2.

5 galons pot, 2 liter each water with ph~6.3 each other day.

It do not seems to be overwatering cause 2 hours after lights on, the start “praying”.

The main question is, should I up DLI to 40+ again ? Its arround 30 atm. with 600 PPFD.

Looks like light excess? I do no use CO2 bags tho…

Temps 26 ~ and 50 RH

Thank u all.




In my past, it was difficult to judge “droopy” leaves, at end of day.
Personally, I think some plants get “tired”. Hard not to overwater.
“Water by weight” process learned.
Add another day between waterings, looking for real leaf droop.
pictures and report back, please.
Temps, Fans, and air exchange rate?


Perfect sir! I´ll do it for sure, i´ll skip watering today tho.

Im not sure about the VPD, but there is a small fan (vivo sun) outsite targeting the passive hole, a exaust that is set arround 60% (Thats too strong for the small tent) and another small fan inside blowing some air, not directly. I believe the air circulation is ok tbh.

I would bump it up to 40 DLI for the next few weeks and leave it and see how she does. A blip here and there are no biggie but they do like consistent light cycles. Here are 2 charts for photos and DLI. One is not modified but did not have enough weeks for how long I veg so the 2nd chart is my modified based on longer veg cycles.
Not modified - snatched from a post here on the forum

and this is mine for exactly how I grow.


It’s common for the leaves to droop near lights out and right after lights on Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Thank you for the reply, I´m wonder to up to 40 DLI again, and one more day before water to see how the plant respond. Thank you for this chart, i´ll consider it 4 sure!


Hey boss!! 2 hours is “near” ? do low DLI produce smaller/slower buds development?
I´m guessing 33 is too low :C

Nice to see u here man :smiley:

While lighting is critical for Bud development it won’t happen at one time. For this growth stage a DLI of 40 on a 18/6 light schedule is good. You can raise that a few points each week and see how they respond around 50-55 Not all strains are the same, some are light hogs and some are prone to be more sensitive especially when growing autos. Remember your light schedule has a lot to do with the plants response. You’re giving them 6 extra hours of light :love_you_gesture:


Hummm… Make sense, its more like the “strain” capacity instead of the “DLI”.

Did you try 14/10 on autos? i´ll setup again and post here soon :smiley:

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18/6 or 12/12 on the autos I grow :love_you_gesture:

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Hummm, and autos on 12/12 mature “slower” ?

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Not in my experience, nothing we do can speed up bud development :love_you_gesture:


Looking good!

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So all that :pray:ing I did ment nothing :pensive:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: me and you and both :love_you_gesture:


Og on the money. I had one plant that drooped from whatever. I assumed overwatering. I let it dry out and after a few days it was thirstiest of all. For what it’s worth my plants got a ton of light and now I’m nearing week 14 with some 4 ft tall autos (not lanky) of which some aren’t even in the harvest window. I grow for personal use so I don’t know if the giant harvest I’m going to need to deal with was worth the extra time. First world problems I know, but worth a mention.

With the dropping plant in particular I just made sure that I didn’t water less than 10 hours before lights off. Once she started flowering this was no longer an issue.


Hey guys,

How u doing?

I didn´t water yesterday, so 2 days without water,
it seems like the plant can handle this “schedule”.

To be honest, im not sure what to do, im wondering to
setup DLI/par arround 45/800 and water 2 times in a week, 2 days withou water.

What do u suggest? @DEEPDIVERDAVE @OGIncognito @Bonjoyle @Lostgirl @Formerbrew

Im used to water 1 hour after lights on…

Next pic is the plant yesterday after 4 hours os lights on without watering:

Next pics are the plant 2 hours before lights OFF (this morning):

TBH Im thinking hanger up the led painel, and set up to 100%, to spread the light because in the edge of the plant, DLI is 35 but in the center, 45.

And also, to skip one more day in the watering schedule. Any thoughts ? Suggestions? I assume these droop leaves are more about genetics?

Thank you all and sorry for bad english :X

PS.: The RH droped a lot yesterday, too dry overhere :open_mouth:


I would appreciate dense and fat buds, the amount of yield I dont care so much, its for personal use also ^^"


Do exactly as you said. Raise the light and get it as even as possible in the canopy. If you turn up the intensity and raise it you’ll get more even coverage and deeper penetration. You are getting plenty of DLI for tight buds. You’ll want lower humidity in late flower for them to tighten up more.


@Pek those plants look fantastic !!