Disease or not? Please help!

So i used half of the soil i had from last time, was flushed heavy down to like 100ppm and used half new soil. I figured i could just start feeding earlier but the same problem with my last plants come immediately to these. Different nutes and everything kicking my self in the a** for reusing it. But all the problems started when i used some bad fox farm i got on amazon. Its half ffof new soil. Checked soil ph with bluelab meter 6.5. Fed at 600ppm 6.5 2 weeks ago. But same stuff gets brown in the veins, brown spots leaves die and crinkle. I dont know whats going on. But im curious if this could be a disease as ive started new plants in my other tent with all new soil. I really wanna trash these but im low on bud. If anyone has a idea what this could be let me know. And also used 1ml of calmag per gallon with the only fed i gave it. I cant find anything online even with the veins turning brown. Any help is appreciated greatly!

Also works its way from the bottom up. I did switch nutes in the middle of flower last grow but i did flush first.

I would not stress those bottom few leaves yet. Just pluckem and watch. Top looks very healthy. New growth is spot on. Lower leaves get wonky. First to be cannibalized. Get wet. Almost always die off. Keep ph in line and give a week.

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agreed…just pluck them. I always pluck any leaves that are discolored or touch the dirt/pot. They have done their job.


Did you obtain the ph by doing a soil slurry?

I got a blue lab soil ph meter. 6.5 spot on. Confuses the hell out of me. I figured it had to be some kind of disease.

If there is a problem you likely find it with your clues like what changed when it started, is it lower, older. Does it start in the viens or between them? How are the margins and edges, look under the leaves, are viens brown underneath, whatever else you can gather. A disease exists of reddish-brown top with brown viens underneath. Give it a good :face_with_monocle:

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Your new growth is perfect, don’t stress out. As she stretches up feel free to pluck those lower ones off. Do you give her CalMag?

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Actually the veins did turn brown, and the leaves did turn a reddish bronze. I ended up killing 12 plants and restarting with fresh soil. Do you know the name of that disease?

I should of took a pic before i cut it. It spread so fast in a few days. Ive messed up nutes alot and ive never had any problems like this. lol but oh well new start. Thanks for all the replys

I forgot, and it was just days ago I dug it up. And just went looking now and can’t find it. I know from memory brown viens under a leaf is either a virus or metal toxicity. But I can’t find a metal toxicity to match your leaf tops. So almost convinced it’s a virus.

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One problem with conditions like vienal necrosis or necrotic viens is the names are so general and often use the name of the plant also. So they put names in front of ‘vienal necrosis’ like Soybean vienal necrosis virus or cucumber necrotic viens. I never seen it written Cannabis Necrotic Vien Disease but it wouldnt ID the virus anyway.
Like going to a doctor and they tell you have a sore back in Latin. Thank doc I asked whats wrong with my back and you told me I have a sore back in Latin. Throw an -itis on the end of a word refering to a body part and you named a disease.

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