Disease, nutrients or genetics

Outdoor growth- MK ultra
10 plants, all healthy and successfully harvested except 1:
All in individual grow bags- same medium, same watering, same fertilizer and schedule.

This one has something going on with the leaves:

Growth is stunted, but buds although fewer and restricted to only the tops of the stems are fairly dense and look healthy. Only the fan leaves regardless of size seem affected.

With the same soil, strain, fertilizer and water schedule, it seems fairly unlikely that we are talking issues with water or deficiencies of nutrients. Buds smell same as other plants and just as sticky. Grew 3 other strains successfully as well in same garden, same conditions - no other issues other than a few pests. Left this one for last to harvest.

Out of curiosity- what could cause this?
Can the buds be used? (Just in case, this plant has been isolated for trim, drying and processing. Tools have been sterilized after use and the soil and bag taken to the dump along with the soil under the pot and will let that part of the garden be rotated to other crops of at least 2 seasons.)
Anything else I need to do?

Sometimes you get a leaf variegation that makes them look like that.
Here is one currently in my tent. Mine is doing ok, but sometimes they are more sensitive to environmental issues.

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Thanks for the response. The nugs look and feel sticky, nice and full. I’m still apprehensive so I’m going to keep all these separate throughout and use it for an alcohol extraction - hopefully it should sterilize anything that could be catching… all the rest of the equipment- I’ll sterilize all that too!

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