Mutation or stunted growth?

So I’m doing my first indoor grow. Had many successful outdoor harvests. Never actually had this happen before. Soil is potting mix from local store. No hydroponics store in town just regular potting mix. So the first set of 3 pronged serrated leaves… 1 side has 3. The other has 2? Only non optimal condition Is humidity sitting at around 45-50%. I have quite a few plants going all in different mixes of soil. Some from my garden. Had many successful and bountiful harvests with no pest issues. Some potting mix. Some a mixture of the 2. And this fella is pure potting mix , one if the smallest and seems to be struggling

Not a problem! I have plants with buds growing out if leaves, branches gowing out of leaf stems, leaves griwing out if leaf surfaces. These are genetic quirks, not a big deal. Maybe it would disqualify the pkant for breeding stock? But then again maybe not? I believe latent genes exist in most plants and stresses may bring them out from time to time