Help Identify This Problem (see photo)

I am growing a number of Big Bud plants outdoors. One of the plants is having a issue with larger leaves turning yellow with brown spots. Any idea what it can be? It is happening on only one plant and they all have been treated the same with respect to soil, fertilizer and watering.

Thanks, Jerry

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Welcome to the community!! Do you have a picture of the whole plant? Where was that leaf?

Thanks for your reply. Here is a photo of the plant.

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Looks to me like a plant using those leaves …just my opinion but the rest of the plant looks fine …it’s normal for leaves to yellow and die off during flower
Just my 2 cents that’s prob not worth it
But it’s from reading a lot around here
If I’m wrong I’ll take it like a man and admit it


Ehh …I zoomed in and do see a lot of upcurling leaves
Do you give it enough p/k in your nutes?
I ask because it needs more during flower
Some nutrient deficiencies/ toxicity can look the same …
Do you monitor your ph/ppm ?

Also not all strains are alike …some ask for more than others and some less …if you feed them all the same and they are different strains that could be a good place to start

Need potassium.

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The tips of many of the sugar leaves are brown on the very tip and curled up. I was under the impression that could be the result of too much or over fertilization. As a result I drastically cut back on adding fertilizer. I’m growing 5 of the same variety and this issue is limited to this plant.

It looks like it is about 10-20 days from harvest. This was (is) my largest plant and was hoping for a decent yield but the buds are not swelling up like I was hoping to see so perhaps it is now needing nutrients.

Any thoughts?


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is this nute burn ? I have been giving cal mag every watering with distilled water. Maybe to much ?

The only thing I can think of Is genetics …if the other plants are doing well and have bud swell and are going like you expect and you are giving them all the same environment …there’s no way you are lucky on 4 plants and unlucky on one …
I would like to think it’s something to do with that plant itself …

Maybe but I’m not convinced because the same exact thing happened last year with a single plant. I wonder if might be environmental but that seem unlikely. These are outdoor plants. I live in Southern California so it is warm and sunny everyday. We get zero rain so I water regularly. Temps are daytime 80-85 and nights are 65-70.

At this point, the plants are about 10-20 days from harvest. It does not look like it is dying so I’m hoping I get some decent buds.

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I was made to understand that distilled water is not good for plants. It does not contain the minerals that the plant needs. I’d switch to regular tap water and see what happens. What are you feeding her and how often?


I have an idea …next year if you want 5 plants grow 6 …

Been giving her genral hydro and noticed some burn about 2 weeks ago so I stopped feeding. Usually feed 1 time a week.

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