Digital Multi-meter. Great Deal!

I have not used one of these, but I saw this on ebay, and I thought of all you new members that need this.

This is a great deal and most likely will work well as long as you do not abuse this meter.

Let me know if you get 1. I will advise you on some storg\age solution, and calibration solutions. (not needed for a while)

Hey, 'Wood,

I recently got two inexpensive pH pens.  I have used them approx 10 times, after which I rinsed and let dry.  Question - how should I store them?  In pH neutral water?  I'm finding myriad different recommendations on the WEB, so I thought I would ask you, O hole-ee one.  Thanks!!

Actually after rinsing all the nutrients off you don’t really want them to totally dry out. Put the cap back on and they should be fine for quite some time. There is a “ph electrode” storage solution you can buy online that you can soak them in from time to time to prolong their life.

I agree. Never let your electrode to dry out. you will have to replace it. You always want it moist. If you tend to your plants like you respect them; you will use yout meters/pens, and they will last a long time.

xFact: Electrodes, and sensors on PH, tds, ec, ppm,…whatever malfunction sooner then later; If you don’t buy the proper storage solution

Thanks, Dudes! I’m on it.

Let me know how it goes. I want one bad, but other expenses are keeping me from purchasing this unit. :slight_smile: