Good meters for marijuana

I use HM meters for TDS and pH, and I use a cheap pH meter for soil. Do you have any recommendations for buying quality meters, particularly soil, as that is my main medium that I use.

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I prefer Milwaukee Meters. I have used the PH51, SM802 PH, TDS, EC multi meter. I have also used the entry level HM digital pens, but they did not last long. Accurate. Also; Make sure you buy waterprrof pens and meters. It really sucks when you drop your pen in the reservoir.

Make sure you buy storage solution! PH calibration solution is NOT a storage solution. great to have some, though.

I have found that unless you use storage solution, and keep your probe from drying out; You will be replacing the probe or the pen/meter every year or 2.

For soil; A common dirt garden wetness/PH sensor is just fine. About the cost of $15 us