Your favorite ph meter

Just starting a new topic, I’m interested in a multi function meter with one probe. What kinds of meters do you have!

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The grow boss has a tool that’s a pH meter EC meter and just about everything else you can imagine you would need in one.

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I have an HM80 that @Majiktoker recommended it’s pretty awesome! (Amazon)


I purchased one off of amazon for cheap but you get what you pay for - it sucks. I’m very interested what others are using. I’ve fallen back to old school methods, 3 drip PH test and ppm strips.

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The hm80 is a good meter :smile:, one of the best ones I’ve had

I’ll price check one min

For 50$ plus shipping Not bad.

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Well it is a wee bit pricey but it’s well worth it they work fantastic

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@Majiktoker well lucky I’m not piss poor

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Yea no doubt

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I got a yellow cheap o one off of fleabay for like 9$ and it works great.

Wish it was more than just a pH though as I would like to have a TDS/PPM/temp reading, but for the price you cannot go wrong.

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Your local store has better ones that eBay IMO. Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, Target, etc

Works fantastic for me. Stay calibrated as long as they are maintained properly(in my case just cleaning with water regularly)

Amazon thinks I’m a robot. Lolz… I could see that the way I surf

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I have the hm digital com-80 tds/ ec pen and the blue lab ph and blue lab ppm pens aswell as an Milwaukee ph600 pen. The blue labs are pricey but worth the money. They are accurate and give a reading of the water temps.

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Hi there Majiktoker, I see you like the HM 80 PH meter…I just bought one that is frustrating the crap out of me…wont calibrate, inconsistant, needs all kinds of solutions that are spendy. Is the HM 80 user friendly or do i need to calibrate all the time? Thanks for any input you can give.

You shouldn’t have to calibrate it every time you turn around, you should be able to calibrate Atleast once a month, just to make sure its not giving you false inaccurate readings, if you wanted to keep on top of it more you could every couple weeks, also you’ll need to get the calibration fluids for calibrating the meter @KannabisKurt

Overall yea id say its a friendly meter

Cool thanks much

Absolutely any time my friend

I have searched amazon and can’t find the Hm80…