Ph pen storage . is this right?

the back of the package said not to let pen dry out so i keep about a inch of water , change it out every few day and recalibrate my pen every week. is this right.?


I was wondering the same thing…?
The funny thing is… they sent it to me dry… what gives…? does this mean once I get it wet it can’t ever get dry again…?

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Can you check on Amazon and see if you see the one you bought and post the link? I need more info. Hmmmmm…

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This is the one I use and it requires that you keep it upright and stored in a probe solution not water. You must also add a few drops of new solution every three days or so of use. The solutions stores in the cap. Your’s may be alright to leave in clean water.


there are solutions to keep the tip moist during storage…something recommended by the manufacturer in the directions for use should be best.
if nothing is available, the bottles of calibration fluid (4.01 & 7) might instruct you to use them to store the meter.

Don’t use plain water (no distilled or RO water either) for storage, they will degrade the meter… distilled or RO water is only used to clean the tip after use before putting it away.


I bought the same one. These are great. I keep mine in 7.0 solution. When I turn it on it reads 7 then I know I’m good to go.

@peachfuzz it’s like ur reading my mind.


Thanks @kabongster checking for that now.

@bob31 this is mine

Also just store in tap water , I guess I’m good.

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This is what I use.

@Wishingilivedina420state I would buy some 7.0 calibration fluid so you can check at least once a week to make sure you are still getting a correct reading.

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Yeah I check every week to be safe

I have a purple meter and it’s self calibrating but it says just place in cap after every use and I have no problems with it as of now are maybe I’m doing something wrong , now the Milwaukee ph pen like in the previous picture I keep in water during my grow and it last maybe three grows I think which was cool for $10 bucks , but this new pen I like it better so I bought another for a spare in case but as of now on grow number two with it and no problems so far by just putting cap back on after use in no water , now I don’t suggest this to no one now so please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying please , im only saying I don’t do the water or ph storage solution , im not telling you guys to do that okay . Now I’ve seen many of Jorge videos and he keep his meters in his shirt pocket going threw the garden ?

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That is what mine uses. They even said that if you cannot get the storage solution it is better to leave it dry than store it in distilled water or tap water.