Different looking plants og Kush femenized

I have 4 potted og kush plants (feminized)all started at the same time and are about the same size about 2 feet. The difference is 2 plants have fuzzy spots up and down the stem and 2 have nothing at all! Pretty plants! Shouldn’t they all be simular not different? Outdoor

@Rowdyboy welcome to the site!
Are these from seed or clones? Each seedling might present different phenotype. Got some pictures to share of the girls?

Thanks Pat. They are from seed. I’ll attempt to send photos but not skilled at the new technology. I’ll try tomorrow! Thanks again!


Looks like the second picture that plant has started to flower. The first picture looks good too just has not started flowers yet. She should catch up with her sisters with in a week or two. They mature on their own timetable even under equal lighting, some a little earlier than others.

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Great! My first attempt. Greenhorn! Much appreciated for the reassurance! Don’t want any male plants. Don’t intend to sell anything so they are for personal use only.


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Hey Pat, I am attaching a pic for your help. Yellowing leaves. Any idea?

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@Rowdyboy if that continues the yellow up the plant you might be looking at needing some nitrogen i think. If it stays on the lowest nodes thats just an old leaf in my book. Ill prune those here and there in a grow.

I appreciate your opinion!!! And in regard to the previous issue, I believe I have more than one variety. The plants don’t look alike and are growing at different rates. All are healthy!!!

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Every girl is a bit different from seed. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me if this this is a male plant?

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Looks like a girl to me I see pistils


I have several plants that look totally different. This one is at least 18” taller and the leaves are different and my other plants have blooms all over them which I hope will become buds soon. First time grower! Still a lot to learn!! Your help Is greatly appreciated.


Nice young female there for sure

Both type plants! Same age. Seed (femenized)

OG KUSH. The pics I sent were of a plant 15” taller than the others.

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Ok, I’m confused on when to harvest! What should I look for visually. Will there be an actual bud? My plants are container grown outdoors. Any help would be appreciated.