Odd looking og Kush plant

I planted 2 OG Kush seeds. One of them is a normal looking plant and looks somewhat similar to a White Widow i planted. The other looks like a sativa and is growing three semetrical fan stems at each node. It is also lagging behind the others and much smaller. Got the seeds here at ILGM. Is this a mutant plant or is it a misplaced seed?


Phenotype difference. Kinda similar to how siblings differ in appearance. Doesn’t mean they are different strains.

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Cool thanx.

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And an absolutely amazing phenobat that. Cool little mutation

I had one start that had 3 feeder leaves

three leaves and hopefully three side branches at each node!! 50% more branching with no training. sounds like a pheno i want

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So would I manifold this? Or just let it do it’s own thing? It’s in a 4x2x4 tent in a 3gal smart pot sitting beside 2 other plants in 5 gal pots.

its a different pheno. different rules?