OG Kush fem... I have 2 questions for my plants, could anyone help me?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I ordered 5 feminized OG Kush seeds last fall and kept them in my refrigerator till I germinated them. They all sprouted and I am growing them right now. One of the plants is so much more robust looking than the others, larger leaves, taller, darker green. I cannot tell if there is a sex difference yet but am wondering if there is anything anyone can tell me about this. They are outdoor grown, same soil, fertilizer, water and light. The first photo shows the size difference, the next photo shows the nodes on the smaller plants and the last photo shows the node on the larger plant”

Phenotype differs within strain

Name her – Cheryl Miller! (famous basketball player . . .) :slight_smile:

If they are feminized they should both be female. That’s just the way it goes sometimes. No 2 plants are the same even if they are the same strain they can grow differently. The larger one might be a little more sativa dominant which is making it grow taller than the other.