Diagnoses help please 1st grow

These orange splotchy spots have been showing up on my fastbuds AppleStrudel for about a week now. She is 30 days since sprouting today. The ph of my tap is 8.06, the runoff last night was 6.77. This is Roots organics LUSH soil. Please again, refer to my original post First time grow, General setup advice/corrections requested for more info.
I did find a single “Leaf Hopper” pest this morning on a leaf. Leafhoppers - Leaf Hoppers | Gardeners.com but I’m in disbelief just one caused all this damage. I’ve search for more and cannot find any.
Please help this is my first grow and i cant find anything online that looks exactly the same. I’m assuming its a calmag issue, but I don’t know any better yet. Thanks again guys!


Is this the only leaves affected? Looks like some Lensing burn from water on the leaves from top feeding?? :love_you_gesture:


Yes it only seems to be the larger fan leaves from the bottom to the middle of the plant. I have been watching it spread and I hadn’t even watered her, I don’t think its lensing burn…

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I have to agree on the assessment from @OGIncognito. Looks like something, H2O2, may have spilled on them.
If you’re using organics, or any beneficial microbes, refrain from adding H2O2 to your root zone. Works great to disinfect the area.
Here’s my take on your setup;
When growing cannabis in Roots Organics Original Potting Soil, you’re already working with a high-quality coco fiber-based mix. This soil contains a rich blend of aged forest products, coconut coir, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, and other organic components that promote plant growth without synthetic chemicals or additives.
Here are some tips to enhance your cannabis cultivation:

  1. Nutrient Supplements: While Roots Organics provides a solid foundation, consider adding organic nutrient supplements. Look for products like Roots Organic Buddha Grow and Buddha Bloom, which are high-quality liquid fertilizers. They contain essential nutrients for healthy growth and flavorful buds.

  2. Beneficial Microbes: Introduce beneficial microbes to enhance nutrient uptake and overall plant health. Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria can improve root development and nutrient absorption.

  3. Compost Tea: Brew your own compost tea using organic materials like worm castings, kelp, and bat guano. Compost tea provides a diverse array of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.

  4. Top Dressing: Periodically add a layer of compost or worm castings on top of the soil. This top dressing gradually releases nutrients and improves soil structure.

Remember to monitor your plants closely, adjust nutrients as needed, and maintain proper watering practices. Happy growing! :seedling::herb:


I really appreciate your detailed reply, but I have not used H202 since being told not to 3 weeks ago. She also was not watered with H20 in the time these symptoms started and progressed…

If you haven’t been feeding, that may be the case. Like you suggested, add CalMag, cannabis loves this.
You are ready to start a feeding program and I’d make sure to add; beneficial microbes, Silica and Kelp to your regime.
To super-charge your grow…
Certainly! Adding beneficial microbes, silica, and kelp can significantly enhance the health and growth of your Pineapple Express cannabis plant. Let’s break down the benefits of each:

  1. Beneficial Microbes:
  1. Silica:
  1. Kelp:
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I had same issue with my girl, couple shots of CalMag and she is doing much better.