Delta Dawn's first grow experiment

I am a first time grower. The seeds I used I really don’t know what kind they are. They were seeds we’ve been collecting from our street dealer. :person_shrugging:
I wanted to experiment before I spent a bunch of money on seeds I didn’t know how to take care of.
I started off with 14 seeds that germinated. (The first 2 weeks of August.)
Planted all 14 in solo cups with holes in the bottoms
12 sprouted
I lost 1 due to the seed she’ll never falling off.
Week 1 they were about 1 cm tall
For the first 2 weeks I set them outside when the sun was up and took them into the shed during night time.(mostly so the cats wouldn’t eat them)
Moved them into the shed to a 3ft×3ft shelf area 3ft tall.
Lined the top, bottom and sides with black trash bags to keep light from straying from the area.
I started using 2-100W lights up about 18-24in, a non oscillating fan (that’s all I had. I moved it around every couple of days).
Week 2 I started using General Organics go box nutrients starting on week 1 on the chart.
I’m now on week 4.
I took out the 2-100W lights and put in a 600W Light. It’s hanging 2 ft above the plants.
I got reflective mylar film to line the walls.
I have a small dehumidifier and a oscillating fan in my 3×3 ft space.
My watering schedule is as followed
Water one day, not watered one-day, nutrients one day, not watered one-day and repeat.
My pH leaves are testing 5.5-7
Light testing at 200 and moist at a 10 (just fed week 3 nutrients today)
My temp is a little high running at 88°F but they’re in a shed and temp is hard to control.
Humidity is at a 64%
They’re all on average 2inches tall. All but one has 3-5 leaves per stem
I think I am going to lose one due to the main stem being really week. I’ve got wire hanger wire as a crutch for it.

This is them at week 3
Any advice is welcome. I need to know if I’m doing this right I have researched so much my head hurts. Almost every web site is different and I can’t get direct answers to my questions.

Is 600W too much for my 3×3 ft space?
Is 11 seedlings too many for this space?
Are my plants the right size for what week they’re at?


Welcome to ilgm :v:They look good. 11 is a bunch for a 3x3. I do four in that space. Also only having three foot of clearance above the plants isn’t much. When they flower they will grow 2x-3x in size. You might want to make some more room and make use of all your lights for 11. Since they could be male or female you could grow them all out to flower and pull the males since they won’t produce bud. Then you would have a better idea of where to go from there.


Also try not to adhere to a water schedule. It’s a good way to over water and stunt growth. I let them dry and pick up the pot to see how light it is. I use that as a reference to know when to water again.


Thank you so much for your feedback. I thought about moving it into a bigger space just finding that space is difficult. Also, the number of plants I figured would decrease as I’m trying to learn to care for them because I’m real good at killing plants :joy::joy: I guess this time im actually doing alright. One hasn’t grown more than 6 leaves total like the rest have moved on to at the very least 3 per stem.

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Welcome to the forum! I agree about watering, plants that size don’t really need much. Perhaps the reason you lost one to weak stem. Also, what kind of soil are you using? Your ph may be a little low and you may not need the nutrients yet


I think it’s just regular potting soil. I got it out of the garden box that wasn’t being used instead of buying more. It does not have perlite in it.

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I’m going to say your ph would probably be a little better around 6.5 with that.

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Plant #11

Plant #10

Plant #9 ( the one that hasn’t grown alot of leaves like the rest)

Plant #8

Plant #7

Plant #6

Plant #5

Plant #4

Plant #3

Plant #2

Plant #1
Photos of plants 9/16/19 morning week 4

Welcome to the forum, your off to a good start

R.I.P. plant #9 it never grew past 4-6 leaves when all the rest are beginning to have 5 on each stem.

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I need advice. Idk why my plants are doing this. It kinda looks like white mildew but doesn’t wipe off. It’s only on a few leaves.