Dehuey In or Outside tent

Hi Guys,
With dehumidifier if I have to put it inside an 8x4 will that affect plants negatively?
Or is it required to stay outside tent

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I put mine in the tent it works best there.Never had any problems.


Tape over any lights it may have.


Works better outside the tent if the room isn’t too big/small for the dehumidifier. If you run an exhaust system it will exchange the air faster than the dehumidifier can do it’s job. I found that conditioning the air (temp & humidity) before it enters the tent is the most efficient use of equipment/power.


It shouldnt have and bad effect on ur plants

It could raise the temperature in the tent, unless you exhaust it outside the tent. Mine is outside the tent. (And the wife pointed its exhaust at a clothes drying rack, and loves it)

The ideal situation is to be able to control rh of your intake air. Then you can raise or lower rh in your space and maintain proper air exchange.

I run a 55 pint dehumidifier in my lung room (1/2 finished basement) and have it hosed to drain into my backyard. It sits about 15 feet from both tents and I have to be careful to not set it too low. My air handler unit is in the same room and dehumidifies also - and I have 2 ducts to add heat or cool the room. Much easier IMO than having one in the tent.