Defoliation on younger plants

I have this plant roughly 40 days old growing very well. She’s been topped once and her progress is sure and steady. There are two really large fan leaves in comparison to the rest of the plant that block a lot of the sun to the developing growth below. Should I start to remove some of the older fan leaves or is my plant too young to start defoliating?

I think your plant is doing good a little small for outdoor (maybe not enough sun) at 40 days but it looks to be healthy and happy. Imo I wouldn’t take any leaves unless some of the very bottom ones are touching the ground doesn’t look like they are just throwing out there for later. It’s good to keep the bottom and ground clean it helps keep bugs away


You should not defoliate when growing outdoors unless there is a specific reason. As the sun moves across the sky it will continuously change the angle of light providing lower growth adequate light and taking leaves off in the growth stage will only slow down its overall development.

There are some who feel topping a plant that is grown outdoors is of no benefit unless you purposely want to keep it short so the neighbors don’t see, otherwise letting the big main cola get nice and tall will just stretch out the plant more to allow more light to penetrate and reach the bud sites.


I would look them plants over super well i see quite a few small pinholes on the top leaves which is a sign of bugs eating at the leaves. Under and over the leaves with a magnifying glass if photos id say yes get rid of the big leaves causing an issue but i would def search for bugs and make sure they r not present before they get too bad on u.