Trimming during flowering?

Growing outdoors in a 5gal bucket and the plant has been flowering a couple of weeks now. My question is… Do i need to trim any leaves like the big fan leaves or just leave it alone? If I am to trim any leaves then when exactly and how much to take off? TIA

Absolutely not.


Because she’s in flower, the cutting of leaves, specially fan leaves, will cause stress when she really should be as unstressed as possible.

You can, as I used to do this. But lately I’ve been letting them grow with the fan leaves attached, other than low lying branches and leaves (lollipop technique).

For me, I cut any small growth off after the first 2 weeks of flower are done. This is consider the “stretch” period of flowering, and after this time is when the plants really only focus on producing buds.

If fan leaves are in the way you can push/pull them out of the way, or even tie them back. But as @Aquaponic_Dumme said, the fan leaves are important when it comes to converting energy for your plants. :v:



The boys have you taken care of . the only thing I will add is you must think of the fan leaves as a solar panel. They collect the energy from the light which the plant sends out for it o grow.

B Safe

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Good stuff. Saved me some time :slight_smile:

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