Deficiency or Fade

Here is a Gorilla Cookies Auto flower, she started week 10 today since germination. I think she has at least another week if not two more weeks. I’m hoping the leaves turning purple on the buds and the yellowing on the rest of her is from her fade, and not due to a deficient. She was top dressed with Gaia Green Bloom 2-8-4 two and half weeks ago, since then only water ph6.5, Cal Mag every watering and Molasses once a week. I’m hoping she’s fading away to finish, not starving for something so she can finish


@Fladida Picture?


All fades are “deficiency” as in they fade because they dont have the nutrients they need to not fade.
I only see people talking about fade in organic grows.
I feed salts in my soil and grow mostly hydroponics, none of my plants ever “fade”.

I’m not saying a plant fading is always a bad thing, I’m just saying if a plant has access to what it needs then it shouldn’t “fade” unless something is locked out.


I am Happy to agree with Pappy on this :grinning:


I’d still like to see a pic.


Love to assist when can and one thing that helps the community is for growers to create 1 thread for their grow and ask any questions as they come up. Alot of us will set to watching and each time you or someone else posts in that thread it will ping us to see wassup??? Keeping all your personal grow stuff in 1 thread makes it easier for us to follow and help if needed. I have grown close to a dozen plants since joining and have just the 1 thread and each time I grow a new girl, I “introduce” her to the fam.

Happy Growing!!


Pictures may help, but fwiw:

“Autoflowers that are nearing harvest time will start to have yellowing leaves.”

“At the end of an autoflowers life cycle, the fan leaves will start to turn yellow and die. This means all the resources are being directed to the buds. It takes up to 3 weeks from the start of yellowing until they die.”


I can’t speak based on experience with photos; but for autos I agree this is typically true, but concerningly when early in a grow cycle.

I’ve seen experienced folks have some autoflower cultivars fade even with full nutes, fwiw.

Real autos have a biological end. Folks that bottle feed chemicals can get it (with autos at least).

I grow autos in organic soil only, and they almost always fade…more due to environment sometimes, but it is an acknowledged indicator for end-of-life/harvest coming, as well as genetics. I haven’t had anything fade early due to “deficiency” in a very long time (since I started roughly PHing my water and keeping the environment in range).

Their Fall colors can be interesting to see near the end if you don’t strip them:


I will add that I understand a properly fertilized plant will make it to the end without leaf deterioration because the plant uses missing nutrients stored in the leaves and this causes fade…some strains just don’t color, but if growing a strain that should have color then could try shorter lights-on/colder nights. There are also strains that will show colors no matter what you do…ymmv.