Nutrients or plant genetics?

Hey everyone.

I have a nice little grow going with 8 plants (auto flower) in my 8’x4’ tent. All is going pretty well and a couple ladies are few weeks into flowering while others are just entering.

5gallon grow bags
75% Ffof/ 25% cultivation nation (70%coco/30%perilite)
4 Kind xl300 (210/170watt a piece)
8 inch ac infinity in-line duct setup
Lotus Bloom nutes (5-10-14)
Lotus Boost nutes (1-15-30)

However, on my GSC autoflower last night I noticed the edges of the leaves taking on a really interesting reddish/pinkish/brownish color and in between the veins started yellowing…
It wasn’t real sudden but it was really pronounced last night when I went to feed her…
She is day 55 and week 3.3 of flowering…
Feeding has been:
(6/4) 2500ml 1.5 g bloom nutes (1/3 strength)
(6/8) 2500ml 2.5g Bloom (1/2 strength)
(6/15) 2500ml 2.5g Bloom (1/2 strength) + 1.5g Boost (40% strength)
(6/23) 2500ml 2.5g Bloom (1/2 strength) + 1.7g Boost (50% strength)
She seems totally healthy though and her buds are coming along nice. Huge pistils!
Here are some pics…


They do that when they are maturing and the colder it is the more they’ll pop. It’s called the fade stage in flower some do it some don’t it’s a phenotype trait


Makes for a beautiful plant :v:t3: just fall colors :pray:t3:


Yeah that’s what I figured. Most likely part of the natural process and parts of this lady’s genetics…

She has been real healthy and there has been no outside variables or causes that could have suddenly caused this…
pH been good (around 6.0-6.3)
TDS (EC) has also been good.

I have seen and heard of plants taking on these Fall-like colors while in flowering stage…just wanted to be sure.

My temps are not super cool, but toward the cooler end of spectrum (about 70-75 degrees F) and real consistent. Humidity also between 40% and 60%.

Here is my other Lady (G13 Auto) who is at the same stage as the GSC in prior pictures.
They are both day 55. However G13 is a little further in her Bud Production.

Here are some pics of the G13…


Very nice, congratulations on beautiful grow man :v:t3:


Thanks a lot dude…

This is my 3rd indoor grow but finally honing in on nutrients and airflow. Still a lot to learn. Always learning, every grow.

6 other ladies are also growing with these but they much younger.

Check out the ROOT FORMATION on this lady (special designed proprietary bag, designed by me and my dad)…
It’s sooo cool being able to see the roots, plus the plant is HUGE.
She had some LST and was FIMMED.

She is a G13 AUTO DAY 41


Beautiful fall fade! If that container isn’t in a dark bucket of some sort, I highly recommend wrapping with a black towel or something. Moist soil + warm temps + plus the low level light that reaches the soil is a sure fire recipe for algae which can sort of gum up your roots. But that pinka nd purple GSCE is beautiful!