Should I or should I not

Hello all, I have seven Auto flowers and 2 gallon pots we are in week 7 as of today. I started this grow with black gold general purpose potting soil, blood meal, bone meal, 444 all purpose fertilizer and that was it. I recently purchased some gaia green 444 All purpose fertilizer, 284 bloom and glacial rock dust. These ladies are in approximately 3 weeks of flower. I am debating if I need to top dress these plants. Because autos don’t care for a lot of nutrients, I’m afraid to talk dress them at this time. What is your suggestions.


Don’t do it seems like a waste it’s too late. Those look almost done already just water should do


They don’t look hungry to me; if anything, it looks like they’ve had plenty of nitrogen.

Pretty purple flowers! :slightly_smiling_face:


In my experience, less is best with autos. They look super dark green, so no lack of nitrogen. Congrats on your grow!


Agree with the rest the dark green color is telling me that there’s plenty of nutrients left

Thank you. I thought the same thing so I thought to check in with the experts. I’m watering when dry and watching them grow. By the time they are ready to harvest they should be nice and faded. When will they stretch and fatten up?


Her stretching is done, but the buds will continue to fatten.

The purple is pretty, what strain is it?

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Northern Lights by ILGM. I was surprised at the color. I’ve grown Northern Lights before and that one didn’t change color. My dog loved the color and smell. That’s why the plant look so sparse. At the moment I saw that plant Bella (my dog) knew she pucked up. So curing doesn’t dense the buds further after drying? I’m not good at that either. Lol

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Well, nice, you have a pretty one there!

No, curing helps to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids, along with making the product more flavorful and less harsh.