Deficiency Help Please

So this is my first indoor grow and I am using Auotpots with Coco-coir and GH nutrients with RO water and two 340 watt quantum board leds. I have been watering with 4ml CalMag, 4ml Flora Micro, 1ml FloraGro, 5ml FloraBloom added to 4 litres of RO water PH to between 5.5 and 6.0 and about 750-800 total ppm. GrandDaddy Purple from seed.

I have been noticing what I thought was a CalMag issue so I started foliage feeding with a solution of 1ml CalMag per litre of RO water. Now it looks like the tips are starting to go brown as well. Some advice and help would be greatly appreciated.

Also one of my plants,( which is a Seed from a Green Crack mother that I grew outside which got pollinated from an unknown source) started to bud very early even while still under 18 hrs light. I am worried that it may be a hermaphrodite as there seems to be something weird going on with it’s buds as some of the hairs look very odd.

Phosphorus deficiencies is mostly what I see. A hint of potassium possibly. They’re finishing up, there’s not much hope in fixing the leaves.