Mag Deficiency how to fix?

I am sure I have a mag def in one of my bag seedlings
Now here is what I am not sure of.
The pot is still watered and heavy and not ready for more water/nuts and I think if I give any more I may end up with soggy bottom.
Can I foliar feed or should I move the Ph to 6 and above to release mag and cal already in the medium.
I am using Coco Perlite 70/30 and this is the first time I have used a medium so it all new to me.
How should I address this problem or just wait for the next feed and add more cal mag ?

bag seeds
Nutrifield coco perlite 70/30
bag pots 20L
Ph 5.5-6
temps 16-25c
40-55% h

I am alittle concerned about the lack of height too but here is a picture

there is no mag in coco you need to add some

I have been adding some cal mag each feed at 1.5 pg for the last week but I have read coco has a habbit of storing mag and cal away.
I am starting to think I will run into a problem because of the lack of evaporation.
I have only just re-potted because of roots filling the old pot.

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treat your coco like hydro less is more you can lightly feed and water it every other day or shoot for 15% run off every three to four days your target ph should be 5.8 but I get good growth at around 6.1 with less cal-mag issues. In my hydro grow and Coco is notorious for lacking cal-mag since it doesn’t store them, look to me like you may have early phosporus Def How to Stop Phosphorus Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants - ILGM which would also point to ph issue but hard to judge under Led

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I will move the ph up alittle next feed see if that fixes it.
I will say true hydro seems easier to me atm but I wanted to give the coco ago.
I am having other problems with my tomato’s in coco too that I have never had before in hydro but the chillies are loving it

Maybe its time for a flush and restart the nutes if it was hydro I would replace the nutes.
that can be Saturdays project

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would be easy enough to flush

I think this is a valid point maybe it hasnt swung over 6ph for the pickup of the cal mag or what ever it isnt getting
I know the best runs I had in the past were ones I left mostly to their own devices and I may be over thinking it and should just be patient.

I wouldnt attempt organic coco until I had some exp with the medium. I got it to work with hydro after some failed runs using worm farm run off and cow dung as a base but the smell was not indoor friendly also they is no way I would shell out for the organic multi bottle $300 grow systems.
I only use general hydro because Its what I use at work and I have come to trust it mind you it comes in 20L buckets as a powder but still the same company. As well as using it on my home veggies.
I am use the 3 part liquid nutes from them meant for just this kinda plant and the left overs get given to my chillies they love it too.

Kind of looked how my babies started of with the phosphorus issue . I’ve flushed mine and waiting to see how they respond … I’ve flushed with a little higher ph to what I was normally doing also.

After 2 days it turned into this

The brown spots on the leaves is clay ball dust it seems to be only two leaves that have the slight yellowing and I just noticed the purple in the photo and I will check to see if its there or just a photo while the LED is on thing I have seen some color differences in pictures that are not there under normal lights.

Stems are very purple looks cool but out lines a problem.

if the stems are purple I already presented my suspect and the main cause is ph and as Piggy said a healthy ph is one that varies each strain also differs greatly in how it responds. As a rule I set my ph at 5.8 every res change but i also do not adjust ph in my res unless it drops below 5.5 or raises above 6.2 the ladies thrive on my neglect

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A couple of points of interest… I have another post about “General Hydroponics being sold to…? And I’m not kidding!”… In short General Hydroponics was sold to a company which is owned by Scott’s Miracle Grow, which is traced back to Monsanto… and in that post others brought up the same issue I am having with General Hydroponic’s pH Up & General Hydroponics’s pH Up not being the same quality that we have all come to expect of them over the years. Seriously do a search on Google for “General Hydroponics being sold to Monsanto” Big Buds Magazine has a huge article on how Scott’s Miracle Grow was found guilty in court for putting toxins in bird food, for putting toxic chemicals and things in things which labeling them on the ingredients list, and claiming things are in there that are not. It also brings out that Advance Nutrients who used to proudly admit they tested their product on cannabis, will not hang up the phone on you as they are owned by General Hydroponics. It also brings out that General Hydroponics is going to be working to be sold at low cost outlets such as Walmart and other discount stores, how they want to push towards GMO’s… and even on YouTube you can hear it yourself right from Advanced Nutrients… so you know I’m not joking here.

Why did I even find this information because I have two bottles of pH Down and one takes 5-ml to effect the same change the 2nd bottle takes 15-ml to effect the same change and I wanted to know if it was old, they changed the concentration or I had some other problem… Hence how I found out about General Hydroponics being sold to Monsanto. I called the company I deal with who also was unaware until another customer like me called to tell them and when they did the research to look they too found the problem and now more customers are calling to complain with problems with General Hydroponics they tell me, and at that point they are telling them the same thing I am telling you and recommending that those customers who call to complain to change to another company which they then help the customer to decide for themselves.

Just thought you might want to know… I do not use their 3-part fertilizer anymore… and I am getting away from their pH Down myself… but that is just me because I have taken the time to read up on all of this and I for one am outraged over this and what it means for us as a customer and feel others need to be equally informed since General Hydroponics like Scott’s Miracle Grow and Monsanto is fighting against cannabis.

battery Acid refill brand new from parts store ph down lye ph up and may swap to growtek just to test for my next grow AN is still pricey though their jungle juice line is good GH knock off if you are used to using GH line up

I have always liked thier stuff it would be a pity if they went the way of profit only and taking the cheapest option in making the nutes.
Need to look into it at work we feed 200+ with what is grown on site.

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The leaves havnt changed over night and its only one plant of four with a problem
I did the flush today nothing was out side normal specs in Ph 6 or ppms under 400 but a reset doesn’t hurt.
Ph now 6.2 and ppms 400s on the first one the ppm meter died after that.