Deficiency? Help for a friend ❤

Hi my friends!

I have a friend I just visited and I noticed some damage to her plants. I KNOW she isn’t doing what is recommended- poor quality lighting, miracle gro, 2 plants per pot… I’m working on educating her as best as I know how for her next grow.

My question is- is this a deficiency that I could make a recommendation of a certain nutrient to help fix?

Looks like this could be a nitrogen deficiency. Could also be stress from the small pots (root bound) causing deficiencies to show.

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It looks like you are almost have way through with flowering. At this point the plants start sacrificing their leaves and they start turning yellow and dying starting from the bottom up. You can try giving it some extra nitrogen but I don’t think you have anything to worry about, it’s natural yellowing and not excessive.

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