I can’t tell if it’s a deficiency or something more

I’m growing two different strains in this setup the one on the right being Gold Leaf and left being
Blue haze And they’ve both been in flower for almost a good 4 weeks and I started to notice yellowing towards the bottom of the gold leaf 2 weeks into flower and within a couple days of noticing that all the fan leaves on her were yellow I’ve been trying to figure out for a while what could cause this but all I’ve managed to come up with is nitrogen def the temps during the day are normally 74-77 and at night 60-65 with humidity of 30% they’re in 7 gallon fabric pots and a 600 watt hps ive made some guesses as to what could be the issue but I don’t want to act to soon so I thought to get on here


I think that you are right it looks like N to me too. Flower food doesn’t have very much if any N in it and it causes a N deficiency. I would give them a real light dose of veg food to give em a little. I don’t know what or how much you are feeding them but a little bit of veg food should help em


Thanks for confirming, I have been giving them little to no nitrogen im going to throw a little in there for the next feed. Just didn’t know for sure because I’ve never had issues with N this far into flower


Your girls still look nice.