Decarbing your bud in an air fryer

Okay folks!

My oven Isn’t working.

Soooo… I’ve been doing a ton of research online about how to decarb some bud in my air fryer (for use in making edible oil, after). There are quite a few vids and articles out there on how to do this, what to put the bud in and how to seal it up (ideas ranging from a foil package, foil covered baking dish, mason jar etc.) but… the time varies a bunch, from 240° for 30 minutes, all the way up to 260° for an hour.

Anyone done this, successfuly? Then made the oil in a crockpot, with the decarbed bud, after? I’m looking for pain relief where I can still function throughout the day. Nothing that’s going to put me to sleep. (I’ve made 3, 6, 9 & 12 hour oils before.)

I came here to see if there was an easy answer, (mostly about time/temps) and it looks like there is only one post on here about it with those keywords.

Also, hey! I’ve missed this forum, it’s been a minute!

Got a new grow starting soon, just harvested my last one a couple/few weeks ago, but didn’t document it in here this time. (It’s been a busy year.)

Anyhow, thanks, all!

Great to be back! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:



I have never decarbed in an air fryer but have had great success in an oven. I like to go roughly off this chart.
I like to set the oven to 240. Once the oven is up to temp K set the cannabis on a cookie sheet lined with foil. I don’t grind the bud up I just lightly break it apart. I set the bud in the oven for about 50 minutes.
If I’m doing hash also I will add it onto the flower after the first 10 minutes. Allowing the hash to declare for 40 minutes and the flower for 50.


Thank you @HippieRunner1

I’ve not thought about the hot water bath!

Well… I’ve gotten some input on the air fryer method, so I’ll go ahead and try it out this evening or tomorrow and report back with the results.

Thanks a bunch for the chart! :blush:

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I use my oven at 235° for about 45 minutes, then give it a shake and give it another 5 at 245°

I expect in an air fryer since it’s just a convection oven, you could do a similar thing in about half the time. I’d probably start at 230° for 15-20 and then toss the buds, cook em again at 240° for another 5-10 and check to see if they visually appear decarbed or not.

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Ive never used an airfryer but I have decarb on a gas grill. Im subject to randoms and fear the fumes.

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Thank you! Going to try it now!

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How did the airfryer method work out for ya? We have one thats also a convection oven so just an extra fan.

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It worked great! Just popped it in there in a mason jar, lid on but not too tight, and it was done in about 45-50 minutes on °250! It made some good strong edibles!



I’ve had great luck using my Instapot… I grind the weed up and put it in a mason jar… First run is weed only… For decarboxylation purposes… I usually run it for an hour… Not entirely sure if that long is necessary… I’ve been primarily infusing olive oil as it’s extremely easy to work with… So I just add some olive oil and liquid sunflower lecithin into the mason jar and run it for another hour in the instapot… Then I use a couple of reusable coffee filters you can buy at the grocery store to strain out the matter… Works great :smiley::+1:


I’ll 2nd the instapot, stupid easy :metal:

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We do the same. We just add 1/2 ounce to 1 cup of coconut oil in a mason jar and decarb for 1 hour.
Works fine. No need to decarb dry and then extract after, just 1 step.


@Spiney_norman That’s good info… I’ve wondered if I could remove that 1st run… :thinking::+1::smiley: I haven’t tried coconut oil yet even though I bought some for that purpose… I will soon though… I’ve got 2 plants drying that still need a final trim. But I’ve got two, one gallon freezer bags full of trim/bud/larf I need to decarb/infuse, taking up space in my freezer


Wife uses a tea strainer to filter out the weed.
Takes a small cup or pill bottle to press out most of the oil.
You can rinse with a little extra fresh warmed oil as well.


@Spiney_norman I’ve actually been using a cheap filter almost identical to this…

Then I take the bottom of the mason jar that I decarboxylated the weed in and use it to press the oil out… Those pint mason jars fit perfectly in the filter and my instapot

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I’ve got a question for you… Have you tried infusing the same oil more than once to increase potency??? Does the oil ever develope a burnt taste? I’m just wondering how far I can push the potency

There is probably a saturation point, like how much salt can be dissolved into water. At some point it must hit a limit but I have no clue how to even begin to find it. Now I use that oil to make edibles for my wife. 14 grams Northern Lights into 1 cup of coconut oil and use that to make 60 cookies. She eats 6 to 8 per day…I can eat 1/3rd of a single cookie and be too stoned for my taste. She knows that’s not normal but somehow it helps her sleep at night so we don’t care. That’s why she wanted to try it and for her not getting stoned is a positive thing.
Would be curious to see if that would work. Longer decarb times turn THC into CBN so multiple infusions may not be the way to go from that standpoint. @blackthumbbetty who was here a long time and did a lot of edibles would use a full ounce into 1 cup of oil. So that may be the way to go.


I have, and it works fine. Problem is, as noted, there is a saturation point eventually. My potency checker only reaches 15mg/mL, though, so I’m not sure how many times I could run it before the oil would be fully saturated. I have done it twice, haven’t done it more since I hit my max potency threshold anyway after 2 goes at it.


I have not heard that longer decarb times turns thc into cbn… Interesting… I wonder how that works out as far as how much THC you lose per minute of over decarboxylating??? I’m probably not wording that the best… I would like to figure out a way to increase the strength…

Potency checker??? Oh please do elaborate… I am very curious about this potency checker you speak of

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