Decarb tincture

I put some dried pot into a mason jar and added grain alchohol and left sitting ans shaking for 3 months now. I did not decarb pot first, so my question is … is it going to work and do I need to burn off alchohol or not. did I just waste some dry shake and bud?

Not even sure what you are doing

not sure if you are making a tincture or oil extract ??? either way i would not let soak for more than 30 mins and put your jar , smoke, alcohol .in the freezer long enough for all to get below freezing then combine let sit for a few mins then shake well . when your letting it set place back in the freezer . then strain with cheese cloth into paper coffee filter. then reduce alcohol in safe manner .by using cold it slows the absorbsion of the chlorophyll and tar from the plant matter . the magazine weed world issue 115 covers this proses in detail . and they sell back issues . if your still having problems pm me and ill scan and send article

You can use the hot method to decarb the bud you will lose some alcohol, but it will just be stronger. Just remember to do outside or use fans to remove the fumes.

Thanks, I am using the new wave induction burner. At which temp should I use and for how long. Will do it outside just to be safe. what am i looking for when it is done. IE syrup or liquidy etc…

Table: Decarboxylation Temperatures and Times

Temperature Heating Mode Plant Material Time Kief / Hash Time Cannabis Oil
310F Oven 10 – 18 minutes 5 – 10 minutes
250F Hot oil bath Until bubbles taper off
240F Oven 50 – 60 minutes 30 – 40 minutes
212F Boiling water bath 90 minutes 90 minutes
Hope this helps
Ps no open flames when your doing this

May hap to use a digital rice cooker … on separate note ive made buffo oil . and i even ground ALL ITEMS AGAIST STATIC ELECTRICITY. i even wear a fine flexible copper wire around the wrist when handling liquid or its components… alcohol and rice cookers are safer. but the coconut butter is safest method. and ower bodys ready break it down .and thc loves attaching itself to this form of fat… hope this made sense …H

Can you help? Decarbed an oz then stuffed i to the mason jar. Filled all the way up with grain alchohol. Been sitting and shaking for 7 days now. Any advice