Day 39 , first go at LST,, any tips or advice would be highly appreciated!

Thanks again!!

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I recommend typing “low stress training” into a search engine or YouTube to read about/watch others do this. It’s really easy but it doesn’t hurt to watch a few times first.


If the pictured plant is a photo, I would select the branches you want to grow out to produce colas and remove the others. Typically you remove every other branch so the ones remaining have more room and so you can spread them out.


Agree with @beardless. If she’s a photo you have the advantage of time on your side with recovering from Some needed defoliation. I would selectively remove some the side branches on the main and I can’t really tell what’s going on at the bottom left and right side of the pot. You’ve got some nice clone options if she’s a photo?

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Kinda had a mix up with the wife I’m pretty sure it’s a photo, being this is the first one I’m pretty happy I got to this point in 39 days haha , and yes I’ve googled and YouTubed everything I can find but ya can get live feedback thanks again y’all

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