Day 14 of first grow ever

Here’s our baby at 14 days!!! Any pointers??? What y’all think of her???

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Looks like shes doing a lot better since your last post , the nodes are tightening up

I need a gently fan (6" oscillation) for slight air movement in the tent to get on for more leaves w/o topple
Lack of Fan (died last night) or lack of water caused the left guy to fall.

All is well, right-sided and replacing fan ASAP.


Please share your grow pictures and hardware, thanks.

Yeah I adjusted fans and lighting and it almost automatically did wonders is she normal for her age???

1977 “Short people got nobody” was a line in a song…
Green and Growing is Good!

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A lil small but she ll catch up in time and her leaves all look healthy

Lol I like it she definitely tall for so young at least I think???

I have been on this grow cycle for a month.
First time in MANY years.
Hardware and WEB SUPPORT make this a desired profession.
Clearly, man cave and devotion are important.
In 3 weeks of reading, I found that using brands familiar to others MAY be important for stability and quality. I have been upgrading all soil and chemicals to current top brands.
Clearly the clones in the newest seedling-grow soils are 3 weeks younger and TRIPLE the leaf size of my old ones (7 week clone, I guess, mine for 30 days).

sometimes, we need help from our friends

Where should my light be set at this stage??? I’m running a spider farmer sf1000 and it’s on dimmer mode but on max dimmer and is set 23 inches above plant

I clearly don’t have the experience for answering your question.
A month of reading yields new topics for further learning.
DISAPATION of light charts,
Quality of lighting ad characteristics.



P4 = HD bucket utilized for P4 Portable Pot Plant Potty (drip- overflow catching0.

@M.W.P.P I’d bring the light down to 18 inches


AS a beginner, I was running my lights at 30 inches.
Lowered to 24. Expect good results, but with some fan leaf trimming, Garden slowed.
Will lower some more, maybe.
Tallest plants are at 22-24 Multiple stage growth(s) shares tent.

What was u keeping ur temp and humidity at in veg stage???

I’ve heard and saw so many different opinions it’s confusing so I’m trying to see what the majority suggests at this point

@M.W.P.P I’m running a sf1000 as we speak and I run mine high to start then drop down to 18 to 20 inches then in flower for one would go down to 12 to 16 inches good light for what it is

When do I switch from dimmer to full strength

This was under the sf1000

I’ve always had mine turned up just started out high then worked my way down and done pretty good with it so far gotten 3 harvest from her