Day 14 of first grow ever

I start mine around 24-30 inches and 50% dimmer thats about 12 DLI in the middle and 9-10 on edges and crank it up 3-5 dli every 3-4 days

@M.W.P.P Apollo 48x48x80 tent temps Day 65-75 degrees
I LIKE 70-73 and ViparSpec R900 and V600 on FULL.
MANCAVE temp 55-65 Day or night
concrete temp 55
Inside fan died today
Lights Height was 30", last week i moved to 24"
Multi-stage garden, so I figure, if they GROW into it, GOOD
Lights 18/6

Forum and Web provided support, mentions my lights are “LIGHT” (little weak).
Xmas upgrade planned. Needing 4x4 coverage maxed out for winter grow.
Garden flip starting today. Flowers seen.