1st time grower. Any tips will help ty

hello all. Im a beginner at growing and feel like i have a good setup. Anything im missing


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

You will need some fans for air circulation, create a gentle breeze over your girls. Helps promote strong stem and branches.

Didn’t see a RH and temp gauge.

You won’t need the carbon filter for awhile. Week 3 or 4 of flowering stage.

Got a pH meter and ppm meter?

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I do have the temp humidity reader.


Have your wife close you in the tent with the lights off so you can leak test the tent, duct tape the light leaks.power strip, humidifier,and fans if they have status led lights duct tape them also. Do it now because when you have 3 five foot plants tangled in a trellis net, it’s not fun at all. Some people get hermies from light leaks during flower . the power strip LED was screwing with my girls also. OH WELCOME to the forum !!!


Thank you will do. Seems like everyday i make an upgrade.lol.

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this is current setup. At 1 week. No exhaust as of yetbut is installed and ready when needed. 6 plants from seed hoping for 3 or 4. To flower hopefully. Added a fan/ heatsource if needed so fan is on 24 7 . Look good?


You’re looking great! Girls look happy. Only tip I would throw out from one rookie to another is don’t drown the poor things. Read fifteen “do these look normal for x weeks?” You’ll find at least ten of them are over-watered.


Looks great! Put a piece of black tape over the surge protector button that’s lights up before you flip to flowering stage. Unless you’re growing autos! @zee if you have any questions


@Buddad nice start! Happy growing! Like zee said you need anything shout! What strains you growing? Autos or photos?


So i dont know the exact strain in any way. Starting from seed from some outstanding iowa outdoor from last year. It was as good as anything ive purchesed. I figure if i give it some TLC and a great life i can take it to the next level. Cant imagine where that would be. Im Calling it PB &J. And i will be asking for lots of advice. Thank you all!!


Hey im noticing some very small flies in my tent. What can i do to get rid of these.


This is what I use, I do one week Captain Jack and the next week neem oil, looking back at this thread I really don’t like bugs LOL. you could get away with just the capt jack

Thanks! So it is a common thing for indoor growing?

Start with the capt jack and the mosquito bites for the eggs on top soil . If you still see bugs after a day or so . It’s time to escalate . oh btw only spray when lights are off

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Looking to move my plants to final 2.5gal pots soon. Whats a good size or age to move them over? This is day 14 since sprout for the bigger 3 purple hippo . Thanks!

also in regards to fly question i asked i put the water in with a touch of lemon juice and all the flies went in and died in water? See if it holds them off??

Well all to is moved to final pots. Running about 42% himid ad 73 temp.
So i used an organic soil with pre fertilized. At what point will i need to start adding more than just water for feeding?

Hey so im having some issues. Ive included some pics to show my concernes first. I have tares in a couple of leaves, also the bigger plants are 1 week ahead of smaller ones hoever the bigger ones have their 5th tear sprouting and the smaller ones are on their 4th and the dramatic difference in stalk size as well as leaf size. Also do you see any males?

any tips will help. Ty

Hello. I have added to this post a few times and had no replies. Can you please look at new post from me and tell me if im screwing this up please. Thank you!

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To soon to tell sexual maturity you got 3 weeks or so.

The leave with holes in them could be either a hitchhiker or wind burn. My guess is wind burn. Check the underside of the leaves, any weird colors or bugs or sacs under them?

If wind burn, get your fans blowing over the girls, not through them. You want to have a gentle breeze.

What other questions you got?

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@KoolHandLuke, what are your thoughts?

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