Day 14 of drying still no snap

Should i keep drying past this point? ive kept it 60/60 as best i could… not sure since most guides say 2 weeks max…

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A lot of people here use a wood mositure meter and pull when the meter is reading 10-12% when stuck in the bud. I would say go ahead and jar your stuff and see what the humidity is. Odds are you’ve overdried it at 16 days but i hope it all works out for you. This tool is a cheap and great addition to your growers toolkit for most growers


thank you, until i buy the moisture meter how many days at 60/60 would be a safe cure? considering the snap method isnt working out for me for some reason.

Ive never went by the snap method but for a better estimate id need to know if you trimmed before you did the hang dry or if you plan on doing a dry trim? When i do a wet trim i typically hang dry for 4-6 days and a week max. Dry trim would be a couple more days but i think at 16 days your best bet would be to jar it up and see where the humidity falls at. Anything 62 or below should be fine but Ive bagged in grove bags at 64% rh before no issues


Im doing wet trims for now. just cut, and hanged the plant. i ill go for the 7 days, and jar it .


Thats a good start but id invest in that meter i think its only $20


hi I got the one you mentioned, its reading 16 % so i guess a few more days…? its set to wood so id bet it doesn’t need any settings changes.

my 1st plant i let dry for 14 days is at 8.4.

Your drying time will be different each time if your temps amd humidity are not the same and consistent. 10% humidity change could mean a couple more days. Density of the bud matters also.


Yeah id say a few more days then im sorry for the late reply

I had a northern lights that didnt snap until day 17 on a 60 temp 60 humidity hang

With moisture meters i never attempt to check the bud. I always check the stem right above the bud. If it reads between 10% to 14% theyre ready. 12% being ideal

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